What are those drawings on the walls of the Bovisa Campus?

We have also come to the conclusion of this initiative, but with the idea that this is only the beginning.

The beginning of a large project, which sees the active participation of students in a continuous collaboration with the university, aimed at enhancing its spaces and creating opportunities.

Because we strongly believe that the university is this: opportunity.

Opportunities for growth, to experiment and to be able to carry on their interests and passions.

Poli Urban Colors was born from the desire of some alumni and students of the Polytechnic to get involved and bring a transversal vision of the university that goes beyond attending classes and giving exams.

This reflects the ideals of our association and when one evening in December Rancy entered our classroom in Bovisa presenting us with his project we welcomed him with enthusiasm.

After a few months the result is there for all to see, a revived and enhanced Campus, rich in art and in which international students and artists have worked side by side to give life to an initiative aimed at enhancing creativity and art in a place full of stimuli and where the designers of tomorrow are born: the Politecnico di Milano.

We are the designers, architects and engineers who study in order to work and bring their experience and vision of the world, we are the designers of our tomorrow and the Politecnico is only the first step to achieve our goals of the future, a future that we create every day.

We would like the Polytechnic to become a real gym for all students, the place where we spend more time in our days and where immense and infinite emotions are experienced, from the anxiety of the first oral, to the disappointment of rejection, to the joy of graduation.

This project is part of a larger project, that of innovative teaching, with the aim of integrating other knowledge and skills to those of traditional teaching.

Teambulding, teamwork, leadership, but also transversal skills, learning to deal with different contexts, being aware and active students in their studies are just some of the objectives of this program.

This is the place where for 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 years we will spend most of our time, the place where many of our worries and frustrations are addressed, but also complaints and insecurities.

Don't you want to improve yourself in the first place? Don't you want to make it better for yourself and for 40,000 other students like you?

We do, and for this reason we hope that the Polytechnic will continue to support and support these initiatives, for us and for the students who will come later.

This means growing together, this means creating a polytechnic community, this means believing in one's students.

Throw yourself, throw yourself headlong into your dreams and passions, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the difficulties of the university, do not avoid everything that seems to steal your time or distract you from exams, initiatives like these are made to open you to other possibilities and open your mind to other possible scenarios.

All this would not have been possible without the support of the Politecnico di Milano, thanks to Luca Mayr and Andrea Gasparro, who curated the initiative, thanks to all the artists who took part in the initiative, 2501, Zedz, Luca Barcellona and Rancy, to all the students who created their works.

Thank you for the enthusiasm, energy, motivation and commitment you have put into this project.

We have high expectations and we hope Poli Urban Colors can become a fixed event, a starting point and meeting point between the Polytechnic and the world of urban art, among students and artists of the international scene, between teaching and doing.

Thank you!

The Svoltastudenti team