Right to Education: the importance of Representation

2010 saw a very substantial reduction in state funding for the Right to Education (DSU). This reduction has had important effects in our University. In particular, it was possible with the available funds to award the scholarship to 1700 students, compared to the 2730 eligible results. The situation outlined was therefore particularly delicate for the remaining 1030 students who were eligible, who risked having great difficulties in continuing their careers.

The resources needed to secure the scholarship to all eligible students have been estimated at around €4 million. Faced with this need, the student representatives promptly started negotiations with the university, in an attempt to solve the problem.

The Politecnico di Milano immediately made available resources for a total sum of 2 million euros which, although they did not fully solve the problem, reduced the number of unassigned students. The student representatives, on the other hand, decided, not without difficulties and fears, to give up a part of the Merit Fund (about 1 million euros), which had been established with the extra budget of the student contribution produced by the new system of determination of the economic condition (ISEEU).

With the commitment and sacrifice of the students it was therefore possible to recover resources for a total amount of about 3 million. These funds are able to ensure the coverage of the Scholarship for all eligible students enrolled in years following the first of the three-year and master's degree courses, or enrolled in master's degree courses.

the Polytechnic has also undertaken to communicate the discomfort caused by the insufficiency of resources for the DSU, acting towards the Lombardy Region, to try to obtain additional funds to guarantee the Scholarship also to all the suitable non-assignees enrolled in the degree courses.

Students must therefore be aware from now on of the importance of student representation and of the choices, not at all obvious, in front of which we are obliged to provide an answer that is not only useful and profitable but also fast and effective. I hope that this episode can demonstrate the usefulness of students in the action of representation and can convince the greatest number of you to undertake this activity with the certainty that it can prove to be a valid experience of individual growth.