Recent graduate with two years of experience?

I’m sure you have come across a job advertisement at least once that seeks a young recent graduate with 1 or more years of experience. And I’m equally sure that you must have thought: “These people are crazy, what an absurd requirement.” A thought that is more than correct, given the evident oxymoron: how can a recent graduate, who has likely spent the past few years studying, have work experience in the field already? Despite this, companies continue to post such job advertisements, creating the awkward situation where a recent graduate struggles to find employment. A person who, on paper, has the full capability to excel in the professional world, but in reality, ends up settling for job positions that do not match their acquired degree.
Absurdities generated by other absurdities. A loop that cannot and should not be considered normal.

Yet, occasionally companies have the “fortune” of finding that exception, they have the luck of finding the famous recent graduate with years of experience: the student worker. Apparently cool, but in reality a heavy condition, both physically and mentally. A situation dictated by multiple factors, both intra- and extra-family, that “force” the student to make this kind of choice. An important and non-trivial choice, because the student may have to abandon their dreams and studies to face what unfortunately destiny has put against them.

But they don’t, because they don’t want to give up, because they are brave and strong.
They don’t, because they are not discouraged by the difficulties that being a student worker entails: not being able to attend all the classes and therefore studying the course material alone; not knowing their classmates and thus missing out on an integral and fundamental part of university life.
They don’t, because despite being initially a difficulty, they know it’s a great opportunity for personal and professional growth.
They don’t, even though they are aware that they will graduate late by years.
They don’t, because they know they can be the most sought-after in the job market once they finish university: they can be the famous “recent graduate with 2 years of experience”… but at what cost?

Article by: Matteo D'Errico