Didactic modes 2022/2023


Hoping that we have truly put the health emergency behind us, the time has come to talk about teaching within our University, including in relation to the role and use of new digital tools (streaming and lecture recording).
In these weeks, working tables have been started with the participation of Rector Ferruccio Resta, student representatives (Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the Student Council) and the Deans of the four Polimi schools (AUIC, DESIGN, 3I, ICAT) within which the line to be followed for the 22-23 academic year will be decided. The first meeting was held today, June 7, 2022, and the next ones will continue on a weekly basis until a conclusion approved by the Dean is reached.


Representatives’ voice

In recent weeks we have been meeting together with representatives of all the lists to understand our positions on this issue, these have turned out to be absolutely aligned, a reason for us to come compact and united at the meeting.
We created this document to spread our voice and what we think is right for the next academic year and for the future of Polimi in general.

Modalità Didattiche 22/23