Beep Polimi, let’s improve it together! – The Word to the Students.

It’s been a while since the new BEEPteaching support platform was ist schurwolle was introduced. Surely it marked an important moment for our University and in particular for the ICT that governs and manages our documents, teaching material and that wants to develop more and more that relationship, albeit virtual, between student and teacher. The assumptions are many, the efforts also, but the results, unfortunately, are questionable. That’s why we at Svoltastudenti,strong of numerous reports arrived following the entry into force of BEEP,we decided to create a survey, which would shed some light on the results so far made by BEEP and that would somehow draw advice, opinions and improvements from those who, first of all BEEP lives it every day,  We Students.

We asked ourselves, therefore, eight questions that dealt in general with the BEEP topic on what is wrong and how it could go. We report below the questions with some ideas taken from the many answers that in our opinion can be very useful to improve our platform and that we will submit to the ICT managers.

To the first question “How many courses set up the service properly?” only 40% of respondents responded with a positive opinion, ticking the box “more than half” or for the least part the merino decke box “all”. Indeed, to date, not all teachers choose to use the new platform, and many of them often take refuge in department sites or communicate only through their institutional email. Surely this is something that we all hope must improve. All this is also confirmed by the question “Do you think they are exploiting its full potential?” as the vast majority (95%) answered negatively. The potential is manifold given that surely we have tried to go beyond the online courses platform, 70% in fact, answered positively to the question“Do you think it is better managed than the platform “Online courses”?” , but we have not yet reached an optimal level of synthesis between what students ask for in terms of services, opportunities and advantages for teaching, and what the platform offers today. Surely for our part we need to improve, in fact only 21% of respondents use BEEPdaily, a part 17.5% instead use the platform “sometimes a month” while half of the respondents say they use BEEP “sometimes a week”. (The question, as you guessed, was “Do you use beeps often?“). We asked ourselves then what actually ** BEEP ** proves to have more than online courses and what instead makes it a tool still to be run-in and that needs some more tricks. To the question then “What are in strong/weak points (if there are any and maximum 3) of Beep?” the students were divided and schlafdecke baumwolle gave many interesting ideas on which to reflect. There are those who say that the system is very slow and that even the loading of subfolders can be very laborious and heavy and those who say that the graphics and simplicity make it a strong tool; Many instead complain about the fact that still 1 professor out of 3 uses it and that the material loaded is still too little, on the other hand there are those who think that the possibility of being able to have all the material in a single platform makes it a very advanced tool (of course, but the possibility must be transformed into concreteness …); then there are the critics who show an incomplete ability of the teachers to handle this tool (we have translated the answer …) and those who undoubtedly declare the rapid sharing of teaching material between teacher and students and the speed of the notices and the forum; There are also those who directly described BEEP as chaotic, uncomfortable and impractical and seiden schlafmaske very cynically wrote strong points: “nobody”. In essence, the answers in its entirety were many and touched on different issues to be addressed. Moving on to the more proactive question“What could be done/changed to improve its efficiency/effectiveness?“the students have shown to be, as always, very prepared and willing to give their contribution – of ideas in this case – without taking anything away from those who constantly use ideas to improve our University. Some suggest streamlining the many unnecessary functions and making the interface more direct; others point to the possibility of making sure that you can be notified when files are added/modified; there are those who say to improve the download section of the files, pointing out the multiplicity of steps; there are those who propose to add a calendar mode with overall display of files and deadlines and those who complain that there are too many tabs within the page of each course, suggesting a column on the left with all the subpoints. In short, all the kaschmir decke answers were very interesting, but the one that struck us most and that, in our opinion, is independent of any other improvement was:“students and professors should interact more through the platform”. Here, the most important thing of all, on which first of all we at Svoltastudenti believe and carry on every day with our ideas and our representatives, is the sense of belonging to Polimi, it is the network between student, teacher and administrator that every day must grow and must develop, it is the COMMUNITYpolitecnico of which we will never tire of talking.


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