Everyone in the streets defending the status quo?

A reform to be saved, despite everything, that's why…

Italian squares full of demonstrations of students against the Gelmini Reform: martyrs of freedom or young people looking for visibility / strong experiences to tell?

The point is another. As well described in the usual careful analysis by Francesco Giavazzi (engineer at the Politecnico di Milano and professor of Economics at Bocconi and MIT) in today's Corriere: the Gelmini reform of the university must be saved.

Although it is far from being a revolution and despite not solving most of the issues related to our university world, it is still an improvement of the status quo, a necessary historical compromise that does not apply completely but that at least introduces concepts hitherto foreign to the university system (meritocracy, control and evaluation systems that determine part of the appropriations, possibility (still weak) of splitting between the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors of the universities) and that can certainly open the way to subsequent more radical and effective steps (perhaps with other ministers, perhaps with other governments).

Below is the link to Giavazzi's article: