Peer-to-peer Tutoring and Student Defender and more!

Great news from the representation.

Here comes peer-to-peer tutoring!

The peer lesson always works. Are you a third-year student of a three-year school in the School of Industrial and Information Engineering and have an average of at least 25? You can apply to be a tutor to your colleagues in the first or second year and I could decide which subjects to "impart". A selection competition is therefore launched for students enrolled in the third year of a three-year degree course of the Engineering Schools, aimed at drawing up the rankings of those entitled to provide peer-to-peer tutoring activities. All students enrolled in the a.y. 2019/20 to the 3rd year of a three-year degree course of the Engineering Schools that have achieved, on October 31st, at least 90 credits with a weighted average > to 25. The application must be submitted through a special function available from the online services (Section Requests for admission>Admission to selection procedures) by 12.00 (Italian time) on 24 January 2020.

Another great news of recent months is that the Student Council has appointed the new Student Defender, professor Mara Tanelli.

We remind you that the Student Defender protects the student by guaranteeing him from any retaliation and intervenes following a non-anonymous complaint. The Defender carries out adequate investigation trying to resolve the matter and, where it is not possible, informs, according to the type of problem (the President of the CCS; the Dean of the School; the President of the Joint Commission; the Rector; the Student Representatives in the Academic Senate) The Defender finally communicates to the complainant and to the student representatives the outcome of the investigation.

Finally, we inform you that the Code of Conduct of the Politecnico di Milano has also been revised, which we invite you to read from the "normative" page of the Politecnico.

We wish you a good session!

Tecla Trifilò, student representative on the Board of Directors


Marco Airoldi and Alessio Rocca, student representatives in the Academic Senate