Turning students tell each other: everything that was done in the first six months of representation.

10-11 June 2008

Svolta studenti participates in the student elections obtaining an excellent result: 35 elected representatives distributed in all the faculties and in all the locations.

Svoltastudenti also has a representative in the academic senate, the board of directors, the sports committee and the vice-president of the student council.If you are interested:You can find the full list of representatives hereSee the results of the elections!(file attachment below)

These were our slogans (files attached below) and these were the promotional videos

This was our program **University open 24h/24 **We moved with a proposal to keep the university open 24h/24Numerous discussions led to the decision of the university to leave open the library of Architecture, Leonardo campus, until 2 am.Everything will start in January 2009, to our great satisfaction.

** Svoltastudenti through the Svoltacinematografica group has promoted a cycle of 4 meetings on the relationship between "Cinema and Digital". **Everything will continue in 2009 and the short-term goal is to make a short film.

** Svoltastudenti in collaboration with mimoLab has organized 4 meetings with young Italian architects. **See you soon new conferences and new guests, this time international.

Svoltastudenti in collaboration with mimoLab has promoted courses on the theme "Digital and architecture". 

The first course was revit. For 2009 there are courses of 3dsMax, Rhino, Advanced Revit.

During the student mobilizations for the university reform promoted by Minister Gelmini we promoted the "Meritocratic Campaign". We have made our voices heard in all organs and at all levels. Here you will find the letter we wrote to the Rector.

**Review of the erasmus process**We have worked to improve the functioning of the Leonardo Architecture 1 studesk. The group also worked within the teaching observatory to improve the questionnaire tool and loudly demanded the clear and transparent publication of the results.

Svoltastudenti organized the trip to Bardonecchia:4 days of skiing and fun.You can look at the photos here.

The year ended with the Christmas Jazz aperitif thanks to which we met and wished all the students of the poli with panettone and sparkling wine.

See you in 2009 even richer in activities!