Svolta Studenti becomes ONLUS

To extend the group's ability to act and consolidate the network of those who are working to improve services for students.

**Art. 4 (Aims and activities of the Association) **

The Association operates at the interface between the Italian university scene, public and private institutions and bodies with the aim of guaranteeing support services for the educational career of students and promoting excellent education within a global social context. In this sense, the Association is inspired by the ideal of a Meritocratic University, which transports the culture of merit among students and in society, which promotes the recognition of merit both in institutions and in the world of work. With this in mind, the Association pursues exclusively the aims of social solidarity.

Art. 4 (Aims and activities of the Association) of the Statute

The association will be established in January 2009. At the bottom of this page you will find the strategic plan and the statute of Svoltastudenti ONLUS