The program of Svoltastudenti presented at the student elections of 2008

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The Politecnico di Milano must reach a level of quality equal to that of the best European universities, both in terms of teaching and services offered to the student.


  • Overcoming the system of politicized student associations by opening the way to purely student activism on the model of the STUDENTS' UNIONS and the BUREAU DES ELÈVES, that is, the student realities present in the best universities in the world that offer services, organize cultural, sports and social activities as well as protect the rights of students.
  • Structuring a students' union at the polytechnic, able to propose a new way of understanding representation, oriented to a new University: excellent in teaching, efficient in services;
  • Guarantee the pluralism of information and student associations, protecting all realities, in particular non-political ones
  • Orient students towards a new lifestyle, made up of spaces reserved for students and opportunities for comparison;
  • Giving students a new Campus: more livable, more efficient, more enjoyable
  • Untie the knots left in Didactics by opening up to meritocracy.


  1. A New Way of Understanding Representation
  2. A New University
  3. A New Campus
  4. A New Lifestyle

A new way of understanding Representation

In most of Europe and North America the associations active in universities are free, independent and PURELY student. They are organized in STUDENTS' UNION: they offer services, promote cultural, sports and social activities guaranteeing the quality of university life and protecting the interests and rights of students!

This is the new way in which we understand representation, without ideologies or parties, but made up of STUDENTS working to improve their University.

A new University

We want a high-level teaching service, worthy of the history of the Politecnico di Milano and on a par with the best universities!

Greater efficiency of teaching questionnaires and publication of data per teacher.

Currently the results of the teaching questionnaires are useless for students: they are published only in aggregate form [the maximum detail is by course of study], not by teacher and the vagueness of the questions makes them inefficient. We want the judgment that emerges from the evaluation questionnaires to be revealed in order to evaluate with transparency the actual quality of the courses offered. This information will be invaluable for each student who will consequently be able to adequately orient their study plan.

Access to LS

Abolition of the automatic exclusion to LS; we will take action to adjust the degree mark valid for automatic admission to 90 in all faculties.
For all the others we will ask for the possibility of taking an admission interview.
We will work to prevent retroactive changes in the rules regarding admission to Specialist Degrees.

TOEFL and foreign language certification, activation of English courses

We propose that the Polytechnic reimburses 100% of the cost of the Toefl and that the reimbursement takes place within one month of support.
We will ensure that each three-year graduate (minimum Toefl threshold: 59/120) can enroll in the Specialist, but then redo the Toefl in the two years to achieve the highest score required by the Faculty.
We will work to prevent retroactive changes to the rules regarding the certification of the foreign language.
In addition, the English courses currently available are not sufficiently adequate, we will promote the activation of further courses, effective and for all starting levels.

More transparent exam calendar

In universities of excellence, the exam dates and even the academic calendar of 2008/2009 are known well in advance.
We propose that the Politecnico publish the dates of the exams at least two months before the exam session.

Svoltastudenti is against the jump of appeal because this represents an unnecessary obstacle and does not improve the quality of teaching, on the contrary it complicates and compromises it.

Exam tests available

Obligation for professors to publish the exams of the past years. If the professors are new, then they should make available facsimiles of the exam tests.

New didactic regulations

Svolta studenti will work to ensure that the new Mussi decree (which establishes the maximum number of exams in the three-year degree at 20) is applied as soon as possible and in such a way as to optimize the quality of teaching. See in this regard the detailed programs by faculty.

Most courses in English

This is what we mean by internationalization: an adequate number of elective courses in English taught by teachers with proficiency in the language.

Lesson schedule from 9.15 am

Commuting is a reality and we believe it should also be protected in this way.

A new Campus

Let's build a university to live at 360 ° and at the service of students 24 hours a day: let's make the Poli a reality cut on the student!

Rethinking of the system of study rooms, clearly insufficient and jagged.

Svolta studenti proposes an ambitious general project, which integrates the small "local" or departmental study rooms. This is because group work, which is no longer an exception, must be adequately protected with special rooms and possibly with a large centralized study room.

To do this we ask:

  • Departmental libraries open until 7.30 pm.
  • Standardised opening hours of these libraries.
  • At the time of the move of Management Engineering in Bovisa, opening of new study rooms equipped with computers, small printers and photocopiers available to students.

Rethinking computerized classroom system, integrated into the system of study rooms.

The reality is that today a computer and an internet connection is essential for students of every faculty.

Svolta studenti will ask that the wireless internet service already present be enhanced so that it can reach every classroom and the study rooms in particular. We also want a simplified procedure for access to the network to be established.

Library system more affordable for the student, integrated into the new "study room system"

The new university library system must be usable!

This is why we ask for uniformity of the lending rules for all libraries and uniformity in the opening hours of the same.

Svolta will fight so that it is possible to check the availability of books on the internet and so that the loan takes place through our card, without having to fill out useless cards every time.

Increase in computer sockets (The university in slippers)

We will ask that the Polytechnic provide a service of multiple sockets, which can be rented at the entrance of the building with deposit of a document, to increase the number of electrical outlets currently very rare in the classrooms of the Poli.

Online message boards

The Polytechnic of Turin has definitively eliminated all paper bulletin boards by digitizing them.


  1. Away with the thousands of leaflets that overlap, get confused, detach, pollute!
  2. Possibility to consult calmly from home the set of offers posted on the online bulletin board, without having to elbow and take notes in the rain and turn for hours to be sure you have checked all the boards!
  3. Rationalization of the bulletin board: greater ease of consultation by dividing the ads into different sections (e.g. Houses, Events)
  4. Development of a section of the bulletin board that deals with the Car-Sharing service (commuting is nice even alone, but why not share the trip and expenses with my neighbor who also goes to the Polytechnic!)
  5. Less dirt! All that crap someone has to clean it, and that someone has to be paid with our taxes!

Architecture printers

We want to strengthen the Polytechnic Press Center through the opening of a printing center in Architecture. Simplifying access to the service is the starting point for a service that works.

This will involve:

  1. Sending the print through the polytechnic's wireless network.
  2. The possibility of topping up the print credit directly at the press center, or from the internet, no longer at the CLUP.


We will ask for the installation of photocopiers usable with a do-it-yourself service and with credit in common with the print credit of each student.

Plastic storage and material point of sale

Find protected places where you can leave your model. In addition, given the amount of plastic material used by architecture students, we want to create a point of sale for students, with low-cost material.

Used books store

Svolta Studenti will make sure to organize a collection and sale center for used books, perhaps integrated with the online bulletin board system.

We think it is useful to reuse even the lost books that accumulated over the years can be a useful resource to put at the service of students.

Software package available online

We ask to enrich with very common programs among students the database of software that can be downloaded for free from the Politecnico network.

Online Handouts

In the case of professors who provide handouts, Svolta Studenti proposes that they be first put online, on the online course site and no longer deposited only in copy shops.

Adaptation of Poliself

The services offered by the current Poliself are unsatisfactory.

We ask that a cutting-edge and modern system be developed to manage our data and that they be replaced by real computers that allow more functions.

Technological material lending service

We ask that the Polytechnic buy technological material such as video cameras and digital cameras that can be rented by the students themselves.

Intelligent use of the resource represented by the 150 hours and expansion of the related economic resources

Students are an asset. We will work so that the 150-oristi are employed for really necessary roles and contribute to offering more services (opening libraries and study rooms, printing and copying services …).

The 150-oristi must not be employed for jobs that could do the same administrative employees, regularly hired and paid by the same students. In addition, many students, while applying, are not able to take advantage of the 150ore: we want to expand the resources available to allow everyone to benefit from this tool.

A new lifestyle

Let us mobilize university life, let us open ourselves to a Pole to live!With this in mind, we structure a real Students' Union capable of offering services, opportunities, moments of socialization to all students!

Campus open in the evenings and weekends

The university intended as a campus must offer services to students even outside of class hours. We would like to live on a campus where it is convenient to meet.

We need welcoming spaces where you can stay to study until late in the evening or where you can meet with the members of your group without invading the home of an unfortunate person.

Refreshment point with the same hours as the Campus

A student-run dining and bar could make the campus come alive even in the evenings and on weekends. At least we will leverage so that the bars inside the polytechnic close at the same time as the polytechnic itself.

Rethinking the Politecnico's Partnerships with the Milanese Institutions

It is not possible that in Germany students travel for free on public transport, that in France they have evenings with free admission to the cinema and in Milan we are forced to pay the same rates as those who work!


What we want is to propose to a Cinema in Milan one evening a month in which all students of the Politecnico are entitled to a reduced entrance (e.g. Monday evening 2 euros instead of 7.5). This would give us the chance of a more accessible entrance to the cinema, of being able to choose a first viewing rather than accepting a film chosen by others in politicized Cineforum and paid with your taxes!


Similarly, the relationship that already exists with the Piccolo Teatro or with other theaters in the city should be structured: never seen a theatrical poster posted on the bulletin boards of the Poli: the theater is not promoted only by offering rare second-rate shows through an email that arrives a few days before in a mailbox, that of the poli, that many do not even know they have!


Strengthen the agreements with La Scala and the Conservatory but also with the Rolling Stones or MazdaPalace and other similar realities.


Extension of agreements with the great Milanese museums.

Student mobility: more ambitious goals

Promote mobility abroad with greater conviction.

As for the Faculty of Architecture, we demand clear rules for the rankings of the Erasmus Project.

For all faculties, we believe it is essential to simplify the complex constraints imposed on the study plan of those who take exams abroad.

University parties and campus life

We want to promote moments of socialization that allow students to experience the university at 360 degrees.

All students.
So many ideas.
Many projects.
A new Polytechnic.