The Bovisa of the future

The governing bodies of the Politecnico di Milano in the April meetings approved a major project: "LA GOCCIA E IL DISTRETTO DI BOVISA – PROGETTO DI RIQUALIFICAZIONE de IL PARCO DEI GASOMETRI",you can find some images at the end of the article.

The recovery of gasometers represents an extraordinary and unmissable opportunity for the Politecnico and for Milan.

A project of technological innovation, urban infrastructure, university implementation, carried out within an area strongly characterized in the urban context and in the panorama of the Milanese metropolitan city.

A project of architectural and design innovation, which preserves and enhances the historical material and technological testimonies of the existing structures, integrating them into a cutting-edge typological, technological and performance equipment.

The redevelopment project of the "Gasometer Park" has all the characteristics to allow a District comparable to the most famous internationally, capable of reaching that dimension essential to enable virtuous dynamics, to be realized in Milan.

As a result of the high iconic value of gasometers and on the basis of many positive examples existing in the European context, they will become extraordinary containers of some of the driving functions in the world of innovation, entrepreneurship, training and culture.

The Gasometer Park is not only an open green space, but it is a Park within which the activity, the interaction, the exchange between University and City takes shape; a place equipped with sports equipment not for competition but for sport understood as a social, leisure and aggregation activity.

The first gasometer, located to the north of the area, is intended to host activities related to sports in about 10,000 square meters and includes different types of sports both indoor and outdoor.

Arranged on 4 levels, in the basement -4.20 ml there is a 16×25 ml tank that allows homologation for regional and national water polo and swimming competitions, and a playful pool measuring 6×11 ml. At the same level there are four blocks of changing rooms to support swimming activities. The 0.00 level, organized and divided according to the different types of users, is the one dedicated to direct connections to the Park. The third level represents the real "palazzetto" where you can practice team sports (basketball, volleyball and 5-a-side football) with a grandstand that can accommodate up to about 500 seats.

The fourth level contains two paddle courts, with their changing rooms, and a canteen for 150 seats, while the last level houses a multifunctional outdoor field in a setting designed by green terraces and a bistro space for 60 seats.

The second gasometer is a real business incubator of about 14,000 square meters, which elects its captivating image as an attractive element of strategic territorial marketing.

Consisting of seven levels, the new building is organized through four volumes for the vertical connection (inside which are placed the stairwells with elevators and toilet block) that symmetrically divide the surface of the gasometer.

The first two levels reach the height of the existing opaque metal base and accommodate the most public functions: Auditorium of 300 seats with double height, flexible space for events and exhibitions, meeting rooms, classrooms for training and some collective work spaces.
The third level of the new building is entirely dedicated to the systems and technical equipment, here allocated to be able to organize the roof of the building with green spaces and terrace equipment for outdoor parking.

Within the fourth, fifth and sixth levels there are offices for start-ups and companies in a flexible and functional planimetric organization that leaves large organizational spaces for the customization of the premises, presenting both open-space and an endowment of offices with a more closed conformation.

The seventh level called "Garden" has a large equipment for informal work, single or in groups, in a setting designed by green terraces and a café bar.

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