What a turning point: University open 24h/24, the inauguration is approaching.

The university is scheduled to open at night in May 2009, as is already the custom in all the best universities in Europe.

On the proposal of the students, the Politecnico di Milano has agreed to open some of the Leonardo campus until late at night. The areas concerned concern the central library of Architecture, the patio, the G1 and G2 classrooms and the Guido Nardi exhibition space in which a permanent refreshment area will be set up made of vending machines furniture for relaxation. In the same areas, the elective and wireless network will be enhanced.

The proposal aims to experience the campus more fully and guarantee students arre for group and individual study even beyond class hours. Here is the vido made to publicize our proposal:

A word of advice: if you find yourself in the university other than class time and the cleaners ask you to leave the classroom saying that they must purify the classroom, know that, by contract, these can not access the classrooms before 20.00, for any reason. So it is your full right to stay where you are. If the employees were insistent, let them communicate the name and report it to the logistics manager Vittorio Luise(