Svolta Break is coming!

We know, we’ve kept you waiting and left you on your toes for a while, but now we’re here….

are you ready for this unforgettable journey?

Svolta Break cannot be narrated-it must be lived!

Get ready for a 5-day full immersion, this time not about studying, but full of miles of trails to go down, laughter, songs sung at the top of your lungs, music, alcol other great things!

Here are some spoilers and tips for enjoying the Turn Break to the fullest:

  • Après-Ski or After-Ski:
    post-ski leisure time where you can drink, eat, dance and socialize. Dress code: strictly ski suit, also because you won’t even feel like changing!
    There will be an après-ski at the end of each day on the slopes at Chalet Marilleva 1400, right across the street from the Residence where we’ll be staying, all within elevator reach.
    Imagine making the last run, leaving your boots in the ski room (included with accommodation at the residence) and in 20 meters finding yourself at an apres ski, every day!
  • Relaxation Area & Gym
    Don’t have the energy to dance and/or bomb after the slopes? Don’t worry, we have thought of everything!
    Inside the Residence you will find the swimming pool (remember to bring your swimming cap and swimsuit!), relax room with loungers where you can relax while enjoying a good free herbal tea. If, on the other hand, you can’t give up your workout, you’ll have a fully equipped gym at your disposal, and to top off a workout nothing better than the sauna, always included in our package!
    P.s. need a space to study/work? The conference room and residence hall will always be available to you for a quiet and productive alternative to your room!
  • Lunches and dinners
    The best advice we can give you, so you don’t become broke by always eating out, is to take advantage of the kitchen you’ll find in your room; you can do your shopping either directly in Marilleva, or bring the ingredients for your favorite dishes from Milan (be careful not to exceed weight and luggage size, though).
  • Evenings
    After an adrenaline-filled day on the slopes, you don’t want to spend the evening sad in your room? Just follow the orange wave, and come and party with us until late at night!



Now that you’ve read this far, here come the final spoilers!

Do you feel you have a good aim?
If you think you are not too prepared, we suggest you practice!
A Beer Pong tournament will be organized with lots of beer up for grabs! What are you waiting for! Choose your partner…and get ready to win!

Remember not to make dinner plans on the last night!
We’ll all have dinner together and you have no idea what might break out….
All I’m telling you is that we will all be randomly dressed! Just below the room where we’ll be having dinner, we’ll be getting wild at the Random Party!
Now that you know you have plenty of time to think about your outfit, don’t thank us!

Well, what’s left to say? Remember that speed is of the essence when you sign up, start scheduling all the alarm clocks!

On Sunday, Feb. 19, don’t be caught in hangover, registration opens at 4 p.m.!

See you bright and early on the slopes of Marilleva, Madonna di Campiglio, Brenta Dolomites and

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