Teachers' Strike September 2017

Yesterday many students were surprised by the news of a possible strike of university professors, with the consequent upheaval of the exam session in conjunction with this period. Since the news exploded on social media, with an adjoining cascade of comments, there was a lot of confusion generated on this topic. We therefore want to clarify with this article.


5444 university professors have joined throughout Italy. 158 of the Politecnico di Milano. Started from the initiative of a professor of the Polytechnic of Turin and initially supported by professors of Bologna, Roma Tre and Federico II of Naples.

With the abstention, the professors hope to obtain the approval of a new law that will lead to the release of classes and salary increments for them and for university researchers, stopped since January 1, 2015. They also call for the four-year period 2011-2014 to be recognised for legal purposes.

The document that triggered the panic yesterday(link and attached), in fact, was published on 27/06 and the news was already spreading unofficially.

The current state

This is to explain that the phenomenon was already being studied by insiders, in order to stem all the related problems. The rector himself was already informed and was looking for solutions to avoid damage to students: yesterday we met him to discuss the topic and he told us that the possibility of graduating will be ensured and that, if necessary, an extraordinary appeal will be inserted in the days following those established.


So, we reiterate that, yesterday's social panic IS COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED. That document is only a letter of proclamation. It is by no means a certainty about a participation. On the other hand, we, as student representatives, will work to seek a dialogue and reach a solution that does not affect our right to be students. We believe that it is not at all right for our sacrifices to be thwarted. We will do everything to assert our positions.

You will be informed about the evolution of the situation.

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