Teachers' strike June – July 2018

Dear boys,

we write this informative article about the strike of professors and researchers,proclaimed for the upcoming ** summer session (of the months of June and July 2018)**, to make you aware of the situation.

As many already know, this is the second strike of its kind that has taken place in recent years, after that of the recovery session last September.

As happened in September, una_ letter of proclamation of the sciopero_ was written and was signed by 6857 professors, university researchers and researchers of research institutions, of which 132 of our university. According to what is written in the letter, which we attach, the modalities of the strike will consist in the abstention by the participating professors and researchers, from the conduct of the first appeal of the next session, while thesubsequent appeal will be held regularly.

In addition, the participants in the strike will be available to hold an extraordinary "ad hoc" appeal on a day following the seventh day from the date of the strike, for Undergraduates and Erasmus Students, where the unsead appeal is thelast useful for graduating or for Erasmus fulfillments. 
For more information and to see the list of signatory professors, please read the letter below. We also point out that, if a professor is a signatory of the letter, it is not obvious that he will strike and vice versa.

Finally, the exams with 5 appeals per year (basically all those of the 3I school and some of the others), will berescheduled after 14 days from the exam for all students, following the decision of the Guarantee Commission of 13 April. This will not be guaranteed for exams with more than 5 appeals in an academic year.

We representatives are in close contact with the administration in order to minimize the inconvenience for us students. There is a lot of attention to the most critical situations to be safeguarded (undergraduates, Erasmus students and potential candidates for the DSU).

We would like to conclude by making it clear that what has just been reported is the reality of the facts and the professors will be free to operate in the way they deem most right.
Without going into the reasons for the strike, we criticize (once again) the modalities._La summer session is a fundamental stage, and we do not like this._

We urge you to write to us and report your particular cases of discomfort.

Letter Proclamation Strike 16-2-2018Download

Authorization Warranty Fee 13-4-2018Download