For the A.A. 2018/19 the amounts of grants for international mobility have been redefined, based on ministerial rules aimed at protecting the lowest incomes.

The Erasmus+ National Agency has announced a funding of € 1,337,875 (+ € 79,960 compared to last year). These funds can be increased with half of the amount allocated by the National Agency for "Support to the organization" activities, thus reaching a total of € 1,434,375.

The DM 1047/2017, "Fund for the Support of Young People and Plans for Orientation", has quantified the sum assigned to our university equal to € 1,807,716. It defined the new rules of use based on the values of ISEE and placed a constraint of at least 70% of resources allocated to the integration of Erasmus+ mobility grants and no more than 30% of the resources allocated for international mobility grants outside the EU programs to European and non-European countries.

To these funds are added € 25,550 as a prize quota assigned by the MIUR for internationalization, € 440,000 from the Merit Fund, used according to the rules established by the Permanent Student Commission, and € 60,000 from the ministerial funding of the Politong Project. The funds are summarised below:

  • Erasmus+ National Agency: € 1.434.375
  • 70% FFO for Erasmus+ mobility: € 1.265.401,20
  • 30% FFO for non-EU mobility: € 544.314,80
  • University Funds: € 1.100.000
  • Miur Premium Resources: € 25.550
  • Politong Project: € 60.000
  • Merit Fund: € 440.000

TOTAL: € 4.869.641

The University has distributed the amounts in accordance with the constraints given by the Ministry on iseE. The minimum stock exchange remained unchanged for the higher bands, despite the fact that the ministerial constraints were wider. The following table summarizes the bands of the stock exchange according to the ISEE value:

<!–StartFragment–>ISEE (€) MONTHLY '18/19 (€) *
<= 13.000 700/650
13,000 and <= 21000 650/600
21,000 and <= 26.000 600/550
26,000 and <= 30.000 550/500
30,000 and <= 40.000 500/450
40,000 and <= 50.000 450/400
50,000 and <= 95.000 400/350
95.000 300/250
ISEE not presented 300/250<!–EndFragment–>

* the alternative refers to the country of arrival. The largest amount refers to the countries where the cost of living is higher (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, united Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sweden). Non-European mobility students are assimilated to European mobility students in countries with a higher cost of living.

The number of students who have confirmed a mobility for the academic year. 2018/19 is equal to 1991.

According to estimates, the University will be able to cover the total sum requested. In case of need, the University will resort to theProvision of risks and various charges.

The Board of Directors voted unanimously for this measure. Once again, the Polytechnic, in concert with the will of the student representatives, has confirmed its focus on international mobility, considered a fundamental value for the career of us students.

We will continue to monitor the protection of the measures introduced in favor of mobility and to be proactive with a view to continuous improvement of this world, based on the needs of the students of today and tomorrow. We will also continue to inform you of future developments in this regard. Internationalization is one of the cornerstones of our vision of a university and must be deservedly defended, protected and strengthened.