Board of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering

Today the first meeting of the board of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering was held in which the 5 newly elected students representing the 3 lists participated: 2 representatives of the Open List, 2 our representatives and a representative of La Terna Sinistrorsa.

Among the items on the agenda, the Board expressed its vote on the reworking of the Calendar for the next Academic Year 2015-2016 whose only proposal for modification was the decrease from the current 6 appeals to the old 5. The proposal was voted unanimously by the teachers and a student and was therefore approved. Our representatives have expressed an unfavourable opinion on this. Our dismay lies in the fact that this item was not specified in the agenda of the junta, but presented during the debate on the Academic Calendar, which therefore caught our representatives unprepared.

In this case our will is to restore the previous situation because today's vote represents a great step backwards on the part of the School since it would have deserved a more in-depth reflection than the arguments that led the members of the junta to this proposal. The arguments are listed:

  • Classrooms for insufficient exams
  • Reduction of organizational effort for teachers and PTA
  • Reduce exam overlap
  • 6th Appeal little exploited by students and most are unprepared

In the absence of statistical data, we could not properly argue the importance of the additional appeal.

Svoltastudenti will work for a more complete reform of the academic calendar and student evaluation, which goes beyond the simple introduction or suppression of the number of appeals available to solve problems of course management or University structures.

When asked to bring back to 5 the appeals available for the students of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, all the teaching members of the Board voted in favor, including a representative of the students of the Open List, unlike the vote against only the other 4 students.

Specifically, here is what will change:
Academic Calendar with 5 numbers of appeals for the 2nd and 3rd year of the degree:
1st semester: 2 appeals in February, 1 in July and 2 in September
2nd semester: 2 appeals in July, 2 in September and 1 in February

The exam appeals of the 3rd year will privilege the graduating
students The appeals of the exams of the 2nd year will privilege the students of the course
The appeals of the exams of the 1st year will be carried out in the central part of the month

The representatives of SvoltaStudenti in the Council