Giunte Report – January 2018

In this article we tell you what was said during the councils of the three schools, 3I, Design and AUIC, in January. News on admission to master's degrees for 3I and Design. Something, however, moves on the costs of prints and materials of the models for AUIC!

School of Information and Industrial Engineering –
11 January 2018

The procedures for admission to the Master's Degrees have been streamlined. If a student misses some exams from the three-year degree but it is certain that he will have a useful average to enroll in the Master's Degree course, whatever the results of these exams, he will be automatically admitted.

5 new study pathsare being designed and developed:

  • Master's Degree in Cyber Security (class LM-91), which provides for a division of credits in half with Bocconi University;
  • Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics (class LM-8), which provides for a division of credits in half with the University of Milan, Department of Biosciences;
  • Bachelor's Degree in _Medical Engineerin_g, a path similar to Biomedical Ing. but with greater emphasis on medicine and biology, which will allow access to a 4-year master's degree in Medicine (accessible through national test). The partner university with which this course will be delivered is being defined;
  • Master's Degree in Food Engineering (Class LM-22), with contents transversal to chemistry, mechanics, energy and management programs;
  • Master's Degree in Sustainable Mobility (Class to be defined), with Ferrovie dello Stato partner company and transversal contents to the programs of electrical, mechanical, energy and management, computer science, planning of urban studies. Probably for next year streams will be activated to experiment with this path within the LM courses in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

All these new courses are being developed and, at least for the next academic year, will not be active.

The tables of places available for scheduled access for some courses of study have been updated upwards (the most significant adjustments are for Informatica L and LM, Ing. Aerospace and Materials Engineering). This is to be consistent with the students, as in recent years there has been a systematic exceeding of the pre-established thresholds. The current admission criteria, in fact, are not able to limit the number of students within the budgeted numbers.

School of Design – 12 January 2018

The exhibition event "Design for Designers"has been reconfirmed, which as every year will see the students of the school as protagonists who will show their projects during the week of the Salone del Mobile.

For those interested in continuing their studies, the Open Day of the Master's Degree courses will probably take place in the second week of May, at the Bovisa Campus.

As far as innovative teachingis concerned, in addition to the Design Explorerinitiative, we are working on the inclusion of transversal workshops in different courses in order to favor the comparison, interdisciplinarity, collaboration(team building)between the different addresses of the School of Design: for Fashion Design a company workshop is proposed. In the previous council, a MOOC was approved to support students of bachelor's degrees for the preparation of the Portfolio (soft skills).

In addition, the courses of the School of Design will be open to students of the Master's Degree in Management Engineering:

  • System Design for Sustainability max 10 seats
  • Design Methods max 5 seats
  • Branding & Communication max 30 seats
  • Design & Manufactioring max 5 seats
  • (maybe also Professional Ethics max 15 seats)

Work is underway to simplify the selection and admission process to the Master's Degrees,reviewing the terms for those enrolled in individual courses. To avoid overcrowding of the courses, it will no longer be allowed to enroll in single courses, inserting a regular Study Plan. For students enrolled in single courses,pending admission to the Master's Degree courses, it will be possible to include in their Study Plan only the courses of their choice in which there are free places _dopo the allocations of students enrolled regularly.

School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering – 15 January 2018

During the Junta, following the publication of thearticle of Repubblica on the "hidden" costs of teaching in the School of Architecture, the Dean aware of the low quality and prices offered by internal services, proposedto indicate in the Didactic Council, a * lowering and downsizing of the Price List * of the Poliprintinternal press center, the preparation of self-service printing stations within the Cam pus, and with the help of the Coordinators of the Study Courses, clarify and limit the requests of the teachers according to the type of paper to be produced.The Student Representation has paid attention to thecosts of materials formodels, which cannot be purchased in the internal services of the university, together with the proposal to encourage more logical transfers based on the student's place of belonging.

Within the Didactic Programming a.a. 2017/2018, the Commission approved thepostponement of the Bachelor's Degree appeals with an amendment to 23 and 24 July 2018.

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