Ongoing tests? Next year's news

Due to the reform of the academic calendar, in recent months, there has been much discussion about how to reformulate the tests in progress, so that they were more effective and respected the new general indications.

Specifically, the rector and the principals of the schools, decided that, since the emisemestral break was very short, it was appropriate to reduce the number of tests in progress to no more than two per semester. According to the rector, in this way, students, especially in the early years, will be able to better manage the time of study, as they will not have to prepare too many exams at the same time, but will be able to give, through ongoing tests, those that the course of study has considered didactically more profitable to divide.

Before listing the novelties of the individual courses of study, a few words should be spent on the method of choice that has been applied by the teachers: in some cases it was wanted to make sure that the test was an evaluation tool for the student (especially in the first year), in others they favored subjects whose program is easily divisible into two parts, lightening the study load.

Clearly, given the summer session period, some courses of study have not yet met, or have not yet addressed the subject; we list below those of which we have certain news, while we refer you to future articles for the courses of study that are still working on the topic.


The ongoing tests will be at the discretion of the individual teacher, generally concerning above all the first year, i.e. Mathematical Analysis 1 and 2, Chemistry and Building Materials, Experimental Physics.

Ing. Industrial Production

The ongoing tests remain at the discretion of the teacher, except for Mathematical Analysis 1 and 2, for which it was decided to abolish them.

Ing. Automation

As for the first year will be Mathematical Analysis 1, Geometry and Linear Algebra, Electrotechnics (still under discussion) and Physics. For the second year are scheduled Mathematical Analysis 2 for Automation, Technical Physics and Machines, Fundamentals of Automation. Finally, in the third year there will be Probability and Statistical Calculation, Measurements and Instrumentation, Fundamentals of Operational Research and Fundamentals of Robotics.

Ing. Mechanics

Only the first year has been mentioned, which sees as the only modification the elimination of the ongoing test of the Computer Science B course, while Mathematical Analysis 1 and 2, Fundamentals of Chemistry and Fundamentals of Experimental Physics remain.


The tests that have been chosen for the 3 years are as follows. In the first year students will take the tests of the courses of Mathematical Analysis 1, Chemistry and Experimental Physics 1; in the second year Mathematical analysis 2, Experimental physics 2, Probability; finally in the third year Mathematical Finance 1 and Analytical Methods and Models for EPDs.


Only the first two years have been defined for now, updates for the third will follow. In the first year the tests of Mathematical Analysis 1, Geometry, Physics and Fundamentals of the Internet and Computer Networks will be taken. In the second year instead ACSO, Probability and statistics.


In the first year the ongoing tests of Analysis and Geometry 1 and 2, Experimental Physics, Statistics and Probability will be administered. In the second year, on the other hand, Enterprise and strategic decisions and Economics.


For now we have only talked about the first two years, in the first we will have the tests of Mathematical Analysis 1, Geometry and Linear Algebra, Physics, Fundamentals of Chemistry for Electronics; in the second year instead Electromagnetism and optics, Fundamentals of electronics.


The teachers express their desire to eliminate the tests in itinere.


The study course council has met but no definitive directives have yet been issued, for now General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry should be confirmed for the first year, while for the second year only Electrotechnics.

Biomedical Engineer

For the first year the ongoing tests of Mathematical Analysis 1 and 2, Geometry, Experimental Physics, Rational Mechanics and Fundamentals of Electromagnetism will be administered, in the second year instead Mechanics of continuus and structures, electrotechnics, Fundamentals of statics and Biomedical Signals. Finally in the third year only Biomechanics.

What do you think? Do you think it is right to reduce the number of six-monthly appeals, for the benefit of a "better organization"? Do you share the choices on specific exams? Write to us on the Facebook page or to your thoughts on the subject!