Postponement of the judgment for internationalization to Polimi

The Council of State considered it necessary, in the meeting of 11 March 2014(available here),further documentation, therefore postponed the further treatment of the appeal to 25 November 2014.

From the ordinance:

"The Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Politecnico di Milano request the reform of the sentence, in the epigraph indicated, with which the Administrative Court of Lombardy upheld the appeal presented by some teachers against the resolution of the Academic Senate of 21 May 2013, which made teaching in English compulsory in the master's degree and PhD courses starting from the academic year 2014-2015, thus interpreting the objective of internationalization of universities provided for by art. 2, paragraph 2, letter l) of Law no. 240 of 30 December 2010;

The Board considers it necessary, in order to decide, to acquire the following documentation in the documents, in original or certified copy:

-complete list of courses included in the course of study relating to master's degrees or research doctorates existing at the Politecnico di Milano, with the specification of those for which the exclusive use of the English language is envisaged and those for which there is possibly provision for support with courses in Italian;

-report of clarifications, signed by the rector of the Polytechnic of Milan and the appellant minister, necessary to ascertain the actuality of the interest in the appeal, in the light of the resolution of the Academic Senate referred to in the minutes of 20 January 2014 relating to the 2014-15 training offer (from which it appears that from 16 January 2014, "following a change in the ANVUR-MIUR application for the training offer … it is possible to insert as the language of delivery of a course of study also the double language "Italian-English" and about the consequent measures adopted, in this sense, for the individual degree courses, as well as about the temporal duration -if conditional, or fully operational- of the same modification;

-provision of "modification of the ANVUR-MIUR application", with the relative annexes also relating to the text of the "application" before and after the modification."

We consider the choice of the Council of State to postpone the positive sentence because it makes us assume that even for the council it is a problem that needs particular attention.