PoliStories – Building 9โ€™s magical fauna

Perhaps not everyone knows that, strolling around the ground floor of building 9 (Campus Leonardo), you can find several student organisations that, I must admit, enrich the gray buildings with a special aura: the Poli.Radio team coexists harmoniously with the nearby neighbours of POuL (Politecnico Open unix Labs), an association that deals with specific and interesting topics predisposed to generate the most controversial and heated conceptual debates. Approaching their window and asking what they were discussing, I must say that I understood very little but, despite my evident basic gaps, I undoubtedly had a noteworthy cultural exchange. Welcoming: rating 9, with a spritz offered. I must say that the reception in Poli.Radio is also second to none, but above all discovering that there is a real radio studio inside the university is pretty cool (see for yourself, I leave you some photos). Moreover, if you happen to be passing by on a Wednesday, you will be in for a treat because the girls from the radio are doing a live show called Chez Moi that talks about nothing less than sex. I love it. But the fun doesn’t stop there and, in fact, I wonder what was going through the brilliant mind of some Poli executive the day he decided to place all three representation office lists side by side on the ground floor of building 9. By their competitive nature, the members of the different lists meet in the corridor with the most varied mood swings depending on how the meetings have gone. As an official member of Svoltastudenti, I conclude this article by advising you to stop by the orange office where you will find free coffee and the so-called โ€œsvoltiniโ€: a heterogeneous and busy group of people united by the most total diversity and a bit of healthy madness. The rest you can discover for yourself by entering our office, which is also the place where I am writing to you from today and where, when necessary, I take a nap.

Luca and Alessio: Poul


Andrea, Fabio, Jacopo and Toni inside the Poli.Radio studio

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