PoliStories – the mystery of building 7

Exploring the meanders of the Leonardo campus, or more simply escaping in tears from an exam room, many of you will have found yourself passing by Building 7. What you probably don’t know is that there, among the offices and classrooms, hides a secret laboratory concealing an advanced virtual reality technology run by a dangerous criminal mastermind; this was the idea of the Politecnico di Milano that Stefano Santarelli must have had when he wrote the script for Martin Mystere volume 139 entitled I Prigionieri del Ciberspazio (no, it’s not a typo, apparently in the early 1990s it was in vogue to Italianise Anglo-Saxon terms). The comic strip, published in 1993, depicts glimpses of our university by placing them in a science fiction context.

Would you like to find out all the details of this crazy adventure so that you can show off your culture with colleagues at your next cocktail party?

Is your favourite literary genre fantasy-political fiction set at the Politecnico di Milano?

Have you always wanted to read about a woman in a trance who, leaving the Istituzione Elettrotecnica Carlo Erba, is run over in Piazza Leo? No? No?

If you solicitously exclaimed ‘YES’ in response to at least one of the questions above, I have news that might interest you: in the Svoltastudenti lecture hall (Building 9) you can find a physical copy of the comic and immerse yourself in the reading while sipping a cool Red Bull free of charge, drop by!

PS: be careful when you pass by Building 7…

Article by: Rio