PoliStories – Penny on M.A.R.S.

The story told in the last article took place inside the Leonardo campus, but there is also a land, outside the outer ring road, unknown to most: the Bovisa district. Yes: the Milan Polytechnic is not only in Lecco, Cremona, Piacenza and Mantua, but reaches all the most unthinkable hermitages. Today’s story concerns the Bovisa campus, to be precise the Via Candiani side because nothing interesting ever happens at La Masa 🙁 (except for the bulldozer that is slowly razing the B14 to the ground these days).

Which of you used to watch ‘Alex&Co.’ on Rai Gulp? 

Even if you were in the small category of people who would proudly raise their hands in response to the question, this is not the product of our interest. What I want to tell you about today is the spinoff series of “Alex&Co.” produced by Disney Channel and distributed under the title “Penny on M.A.R.S.”. I’ll quote the synopsis from Wikipedia because I don’t feel like writing one myself:

“The series centres on a girl named Penny, who has a great talent and passion: singing. She decides to enrol in the most famous arts high school, M.A.R.S. Her passion will encourage her to fight for her dreams together with her best friend Camilla. And soon, the arrival of a boy will complicate things between them.”

Why am I telling you about this? Is it a masterpiece of rare beauty? An immortal celebration of love in honour of Music? A manifest desire to radically transform the market of children’s television into something more noble? I know that none of you expect an affirmative answer to these questions and I am a little sorry, but you are right. What makes ‘Penny on M.A.R.S.’ special is the ground on which it was filmed, as the settings of M.A.R.S. High School are none other than **drumroll of drums** the B1 and B2 buildings of the Candiani campus. Yes, you heard right: to represent the ‘best high school in the world’ they chose buildings in Bovisa, not Leonardo. If you too who read in your life have found yourself saying that Leonardo is better than Bovisa because the latter looks like a prison, be thankful that the editorial staff does not give me the funds to send attachments, otherwise you would have received a nice red nose with this issue <3

If you have come this far, you will be very curious to see for yourself some extracts portraying the Politecnico within the series.

Don’t worry, I’ll leave you the link to the Italian trailer below (I suggest you go straight to the 2:07 minute mark).

PS: looking for people interested in bingewatching this forgotten work: https://youtu.be/k1hko8_hAfQ

Article by: Rio