Padel and calisthenics at Polimi"

On May 4, with the beginning of phase 2, the works of the Giuriati sports center also resumed at full capacity, which had suffered a slowdown of about two months due to the Covid-19 emergency.

You can already see the buildings of the new Fit Center, the sports hall and the CrossFit box. The first will host a gym with machines and rooms dedicated to fitness courses and a climbing wall will also be installed on the outer wall. The changing rooms will undergo a complete restyling, as well as the athletics track and the rugby field.
For outdoor sports, on the other hand, the novelties include two padel courts, a playground for 3vs3 basketball, an area entirely dedicated to calisthenics and the illuminated country path.

In addition to a totally new aspect, the Giuriati will be ready to offer many other services, for example the gym membership, which will be equipped with machinery for every type of training, from cardio to strength. In addition, you can enroll in fitness courses that will be attended mono-weekly or bi-weekly and will take place in the new facilities of the Giuriati. Along with all this you can rent the five-a-side football and paddle courts. To take advantage of these services, students will be offered ad hoc rates and thanks to the new LED lighting system it will also be possible to train in the dark.

There is very little left to the conclusion of the project and the closure of the construction site is scheduled for the end of 2020. This means that in 2021 the new Giuriati will be at the complete disposal of students.
This important milestone confirms that the Politecnico di Milano continues to promote the social, training and educational aspects of sport. This is the vision of sport strongly shared between the university and the representation, which collaborate to make sport, more and more, an integral part of the training offer.

For any questions we are available.

Guido Sassaroli –
Student Representative in the Sports Committee of the Polytechnic