Biomedical Engineering News

The activity of the student representatives at the Council of the Biomedical Engineering Course continues. Almost a year after taking office, the proposals and initiatives put in place to facilitate teaching and propose an offer that can respond to the requests of a reality in continuous transformation continue.

Five official sessions of the CCS have been held so far, including one in telematic mode, flanked by restricted working tables organized by macro-area. The representatives, in fact, have the opportunity to take part in the work of the Joint Commission, the Placement Commission, the Website Commission and, finally, the Projects Commission for the third year of the three-year degree.

Numerous activities have been carried out so far. Among these, the review of the laurea and laurea magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) manifesto emerges. For the Bachelor's Degree, the existence of admission thresholds for the Master's Degree courses – indicated in the manifesto – as well as the obligation to include the teaching of the "Project Course" in the study plan within the presentation window of the September/October plan is recalled. For the Master's Degree, after a first experimental phase, it was decided to open the Clinical Engineering course also to students from other universities.

Work has also been entered into the creation of the new CCS website, which is more streamlined and easily accessible than the previous version. The extension of the number of brackets for the third year of the Bachelor's Degree has recently been approved:given the requests received in previous years, mainly of a logistical nature, the number of brackets goes from two to three.

Of fundamental importance is the approval of the manifesto of the Double Degree "Biomedical Engineering-Engineering of Materials and Nanotechnologies",which will join the already existing Double Degree with the course of Mechanical Engineering. An important opportunity for students who know how to respond to the evident demand from the world of work and the search for transversal figures.
Among the proposals in the field there is that of working to add to the already existing training offer an additional Double Degree course, in this case with Mathematical Engineering.

Among the scheduled activities on which, despite the difficulties, the representatives are working, there is the request for unambiguous examination methods for the three brackets, inorder to avoid disparities and facilitate all students. Work is also underway to create a series of explanatory FAQs in order to avoid overloading communication tools at certain times of the year and to make it easy for students to access information of fundamental importance.

Given the current emergency phase, the activity continues electronically, through official communication channels and messaging on social media. Organizational/informative meetings continue between the representatives of the Course of Studies. The goal, carried out in the months of activity, was to communicate and reach points of agreement between all the elected members, in order to favor the approval of the proposals put in place.

We will continue to work to best represent you and inform you as soon as there are news.

Good end of semester!