Last of the Representation: last elections and new library!

As always, there are many innovations that come from the representative bodies.

The new Student Council met for the first time and elected the internal offices, the Presidency goes to our Alessio Rocca, the Vice-Presidency to Matteo Oggioni, both elected representatives in the Academic Senate. In addition, our Guido Sassaroli and Francesco Martin will be part of the Single Sports Committee, Giorgio Colomban and Riccardo Sommaruga will be part of the Single Guarantee Committee and Alice Simionato will be a member of the Evaluation Unit.

From the Permanent Students Commission instead comes a great news regarding the student contribution: we will have the addition of additional categories of students who will be able to enjoy partial or total exemptions from the payment of fees, in particular international students beneficiaries of a scholarship from the Politecnico di Milano or other bodies and students participating in a Double Degree program.

In addition, it was decided to raise from € 250.00 to € 500.00 the contribution to students who participate in international competitions that take place in foreign countries and that are reported or sponsored by the University.

Finally, the new works made in the Library of the Bovisa Campus were inaugurated and there are many new features. The study places have increased by 10% and have all been made more comfortable; a new Flipbook has been installed on the second floor in which it is possible both to consult all the scientific projects in which the University is involved, and to know the number of students and teachers with respect to courses, schools and historical and geographical origin; VR viewers with lots of multimedia content have been installed on the top floor; E-books that can be consulted, 2 teacher wallets and much more to make one of the most popular places of our University always better, technological and welcoming.

Tecla Trifilò, student representative in the Board of Directors tecla.trifilò
Marco Airoldi, student representative in the Academic
Alessio Rocca, student representative in the Academic