The activity of the Sports Committee in the two-year period 2013-2015

The Sports Committee of the Politecnico di Milano is the body that allows the planning and management of everything related to sport within the university. This body also has the fundamental role of regulating relations with CUS Milano,the institution that is responsible for university sport in Milan.

Recently the Sports Committee has been included in the fundraising sector of the Career Service. The inclusion of this office within the _Career Service _ha created the conditions to allow rational planning, aimed at effective sports activity at the polytechnic such as to allow the immediate development of some fundamental projects for a growth of the sector.

First of all, a functional website dedicated to sports activities at the Polytechnic has been developed:, directly accessible from the university website (students⟶services⟶sport).

A project was then started to rationalize the competitive teams of the university:the idea behind this process was to optimize the management by creating a direct link between different sports sectors and administration as well as with the CUS. The competitive teams have, from this year more than ever, the task of creating a group of athletes able to excel in their championships and to be able to develop a feeling of belonging of the students to the university. The goal is to create in the near future asporting excellence comparable to the academic one that our university already exercises.

Precisely in accordancing with the concept of sporting and academic excellence, the political activity for students carried out within the Sports Committee concerned in particular a project that rewarded students able to stand out for both sporting and academic merits. This project, conceived by the student representatives, was strongly supported by the university's management and resulted in the publication of a call for scholarships for sports merits which, in November 2014, sanctioned the provision of 33 scholarships worth € 1500 for students in possession of the appropriate sports and academic credentials. The Politecnico di Milano is therefore the first Italian public university to have established scholarships that reward sports students of high and very high level.

The objectives that the sports commission has set itself in recent months concern the awareness of the student population to the values of sport and its value at a cultural and social level.

In the near future the commission will act with the aim of making the most of the spaces and sports equipment available to the polytechnic, making them more usable and interesting for students. A sports offer is also being defined that involves the largest possible number of students.

The student residences belonging to the polytechnic will be equipped with fitness spaces and gyms (which will be introduced from scratch or renovated), the CUS Points will undergo a complete restyling and will be made more functional in order to improve efficiency and optimize performance. The new offer of sports services for students will concern the possibility of being able to take advantage of the sports facilities inside the polytechnic – spaces in the university, in the residences and above all at the Mario Giuriati field – free of charge if in possession of the "green card" that can be purchased in the CUS Points.