Increase in funds for students

Three-year budget: representatives’ demands

💰 What is the three-year budget? What is it for?
The three-year budget is an estimate of the income and expenditure that the polytechnic will incur over a three-year period. It is drawn up every year! You may ask, “but if it is a three-year budget, why does it have to be drawn up every year?”. The answer is simple: we try to estimate as realistically as possible after two/three years, but once the first year of the budget has passed, it is often necessary to propose changes. Exactly what happened this year on our side!

📢 This year we have requested to add as much as 480,000€ per year to the budget, in favour of students for different types of activities and scholarships, now we explain why:

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES +€80,000 per year
Have you ever wondered why our trips are so cheap? Every year PoliMi allocates €500,000 for a call for proposals, dedicated to all student associations and representative lists who want to organise trips and events for students. In the last year, requests increased and the money was not enough, so we asked for and obtained an increase of +€80,000 for the coming years. It probably won’t be enough anyway, but it is a good start and we expect to be able to increase it more and more and raise new funds in the future.

You know associations like @skyward and @dynamics? These are just some of the student groups engaged in research and international competitions. We obtained confirmation of the €200,000 per year to finance these projects, which sometimes also drew in part from the above-mentioned call for cultural activities.
However, given the increase in the number of associations and cultural proposals, we want to create an ad hoc fund for these types of competitions, which should be enhanced.

Thanks to an increase of EUR 200,000 for the call for out-of-town students, it is very likely that we will be able to cover all requests this year. We have therefore asked for this increase to be guaranteed for future years as well, but we are also looking at the needs of more needy students who are not eligible for a scholarship.