In pills: constraints for transfer between engineering

The Board of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, which met last March 3, defined the minimum threshold of CFU that a first-year student must have supported **by August 15 **in order to request the transfer to some other engineering courses: the threshold differs depending on the destination course. The transfer request will be evaluated if the student does not have OFA test and if he has taken a minimum number of credits:

  • towards Biomedical Engineering: 20 CFU
  • towards Electrical Engineering: 15 CFU
  • towards Physical Engineering: 15 CFU
  • towards Management Engineering (Cremona and Bovisa): 30 CFU
  • towards Computer Engineering (Milan): 20 CFU
  • towards Mechanical Engineering (Bovisa): 20 CFU
  • towards Automation Engineering: 20 CFU

The other degree courses not listed allow the passage without taking the TOL test regardless of the number of credits passed as long as there are no OFA Tests.

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