In pills: Permanent Student Commission

The themes of the PSC of 23 March 2016

On Wednesday, March 23, la_ Permanent Commission Studenti_ met, which was attended not only by our representatives, but for the second time also by a representative component for international students. At a time when we are suffering from closure, it is a sign of greatintegration on the part of the Politecnico di Milano.

In particular, during the committee it was discussed:

  • Of those excluded in 2015-16 from scholarships (with ISEE less than 23000 and ISPE less than 50000) and their possible reinstatement.
  • The needs of architects and designers on the issue of the costs of printing and for the preparation of projects**: the issue will still be discussed at the next meeting.
  • The regulation of the timing of the exams having both written and oral tests, especially as regards ** the interval between the communication of the vote and the oral test itself**.