In Erasmus we all go!!

Hi guys, the call has almost begun, yes, the opportunity to live the most exciting experience that the university makes available to you, the Jolly of the knowledge of a new language to be exploited in your future career is ready to be played. The "Erasmus Project 2012/13" is ready to go.

In recent weeks, during the various commissions in which Svolta has always been present, the call for participation has been developed in every single detail, the result: All students regularly enrolled at Polimi at the time of the beginning of the call itself without distinction of course of study of belonging and origin will be able to participate, the total grants will be equal to 4600 monthly and will be divided proportionally as follows:

  • 4 months with mobility of 4-5 months
  • 5 months with mobility of 6-7 months
  • 6 months with mobility of 8-9 months
  • 7 months with mobility of 10-11 months
  • 8 months with mobility of 12 months.

The standard monthly payments include a contribution of € 230.

NOTE: the scholarships go from 3808 to 4280 then +12.3% compared to 2011/12 with peaks of + 18.5% monthly for some schools. A great success thanks to the representatives!