How has the Plan of Studies?

The Plan is presented at the beginning of the Academic Year, according to the due dates can be found here:, and is editable at the end of the first half, only for the examinations of the second half of the year, since those in the first half may not be removed or changed up until the following Academic Year. It presents through to the relevant page in the online services: at the beginning, you see a summary of the tests is still not outdated and, in some cases, you are also required to choose a Class of Graduation and the address. Then you have to enter the subjects that you want to sustain as the actual teachings, omitting generally those self-employed): belonging to an other course of study, but you want to be part of the 180 CREDITS required to achieve the required degree. In the course of the three-year degree, you can enter up to 32 CREDITS in excess, which does not contribute to the attainment of the title and its media, but are included for the calculation of taxes and will be present, if not exceeded, in the career. Finally, submit the plan you must confirm the choices made. The plan can present an infinite number of times within the deadlines, while maintaining valid only in the last presented.

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