Elections of the Board of Directors of Svoltastudenti 2019-2021

A day of change. A turning point.

These are perhaps the best words to describe the day of Saturday 19 October, an important date for Svoltastudenti, the Student's Union of the Politecnico di Milano. A day of handover, a new beginning.

Among the classrooms of the Architecture buildings was held, in fact, the Assembly for the Election of the new Board of Directors who, for the next two years, will lead the association. Enthusiasm for the future but, at the same time, a moment to take stock of the two-year period just ended. Gianmarco Palumbo, outgoing President, can only declare himself satisfied. Many results have been achieved thanks to the constant work spent daily in the last two years, which reached their peak in the Student Elections last May; the association boasts, to date, two students in the Academic Senate, a student in the Board of Directors as well as a member of the National Council of University Students. To these are added the approximately 100 student representatives in the remaining representative bodies. In the perfect spirit "Beyond Lessons", which identifies the Association, the two years have been full of initiatives, trips, events, sports activities, conferences and seminars with experts in various sectors.

"The search for happiness often coincides with that of balance, of reciprocity. In these two years in Svolta, I have found my balance", said the outgoing President in his closing speech.

An important mandate, therefore, that delivered in the hands of the new Board: to continue working, day after day, to consolidate the work done in the past and put in place projects to project Svoltastudenti towards an exciting associative future.

The members of the association have assigned the presidency to Sophien Manchor,who will work together with six other members.

Vice President: Francesco Candiloro

Secretary: Giada Chiametti

Treasurer: Ludovico Casati

Directors: Antonio Galli, Matteo Salamone, Francesca Palladino

photos of the new members of the Board of Directors of Svoltastudenti