Didactic Consultation 10-12-13

The ordinary session of the Didactic Council took place on December 10th, there were many topics and a wide discussion. In particular, the important issues were:

AVA Compliance

The AVA Presidium will shortly send the reports of the Joint Commissions relating to the courses of study, which are scheduled to expire at the end of January.

Planning of the training offer 2014/2015

The final work of the ICAR Commission for the reorganization of studies in the field of Architecture and Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering is illustrated, as amply reported in the previous months

Guidelines for the management of international student mobility

The Consulta discusses the guidelines for the management of international mobility and in particular the relative point on the period in which the students of the master's degree will be able to leave. On this topic, as SvoltaStudenti,through our senator Vincenzo Giannico,we had presented in the Academic Senate in November a document together with the representatives of Lista Aperta, present here. The motivations at the origin of the debate changed during the discussion following the Academic Senate in November, moving from a didactic plan to a legal bureaucratic plan: you cannot win an Erasmus call in the third year of graduation to start the first year of LM if you are not yet enrolled in the master's degree itself. At this point, a mediation is proposed to the representatives that does not totally preclude the possibility of starting in **Erasmus **in the first year of LM: "Students who at the time of application are enrolled in the third year of three-year degree or in single courses and who enroll in a master's degree course in the following academic year will be able to carry out international mobility only in the second semester of the same year. This rule also applies to students who enroll in a master's degree program in the second semester of the year in which the application is made."

Honor Code – Student Obligations

Our representative Vincenzo Giannico illustrates the proposal relating to the integration Honor Code(visible here)in consultation with the other representatives. The Consulta agrees and approves, also expresses its appreciation to our Giannico and to the student representatives for their active contribution to improving the Charter of Rights and Duties of Students.