21-10-2013 Board of Schools of Civil Architecture, Architecture and Society and Building Engineering-Architecture

The reorganization of the ICAR area is discussed, a theme analyzed by the ICAR commission and subsequently proposed to the councils of the individual schools concerned.

The introduction of the pro-rector Balducci highlights the need for a reorganization of the schools in order to strengthen the service offered and optimize the resources of the university.The school of civil and environmental engineering has not joined this project and for now represents an academic reality in its own right.

A general renewal is also needed in order not to passively suffer the ministerial constraints and the crisis of the entire construction sector.

The convergence process primarily concerns the schools of civil architecture and architecture and society, specifically the unification of the L17 three-year degree classes.
The three-year degree class L23 will be characterized by an approach between the courses of architecture and building production and building engineering, thus affecting the school of building engineering-architecture.

The principals of the three schools convened and the teachers who took part in the assembly expressed their common intention, unless there are some reservations, to collaborate in the merger project.

At the end of the junta, the pro-rector established the formation of an ad hoc commission for the reorganization of the L17 degree classes, the first step towards the unification of the schools of civil architecture and architecture and society.

The commission will be composed of the principals of the two schools of architecture and a limited number of teachers representing the disciplinary sectors involved.

The objectives of this commission are the drafting of a new manifesto of studies, by the end of November, and a precise proposal relating to the structure of the first year of the three-year degree by February 2014.

Cesare De Mezza