What happened today at Polimi?

Engineering Workshop

Our representative Marco Licari intervened to make possible a long-awaited dream: workshops that are worth credits for the degree of ingeneria.
The project has been positively evaluated by the president now we will work in the ccs so that this becomes reality

Registration data

Boom enrolled in aerospace engineering, recovers energy after the fall of last year. Still weak electrical engineering.

News double degree AA 2016-2017

  1. Submission of applications from 5 to 30 October
  2. Students from engineering schools can express 10 preferences while those from other schools 2
  3. Master's degree students in Design and Engineering will be evaluated with the ranking list that will be published on December 10, 2015, while the interviews will be carried out by December 4, 2015
  4. The waivers assigned to the seats among their first 3 preferences (no longer 4) will not be fished out directly in the second ranking, but will be excluded.

Summer School Credit Awards?

The discretion of the CFU assignment is left to the course of study, but in any case the credits will only be in excess.

Honor Programs

The teaching council was enthusiastic about professor Colombo's presentation for a "parallel non-curricular path" for the master's degree in energy engineering (and perhaps not only) that will form on the themes of sustainable development.

The program could start as early as the next AA and about 20 candidates will be selected after an interview. The program includes some dedicated supernumerary exams, workshops and a specific thesis.

In the degree this path will appear, to which it could be recognized by various international bodies.