The representation is one of the two souls of Svoltastudenti, together with the association. The representatives are elected every two years and have an important role in the life of the student and the University.

A representative, having a broad knowledge of the dynamics of the university and being in contact with those in charge at every level of teaching, administration and organisation, is able to help you with a wide range of issues: refer you to the appropriate person for a problem with professors, give you information on announcements and regulations, can pursue your cases if you are wronged or your ideas for improving the Politecnico


Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the body that directs and programs the development of the University, with particular regard to teaching and research, also overseeing the overall functioning of the institution.

The members of the Senate have a 360-degree view of the University: they also discuss with their colleagues in the Schools through an organ called the Student Council. They can then bring student bodies to the highest decision-making levels.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors acts in coherence with the programmatic choices and criteria for the use of resources established by the Academic Senate; it has regulatory, management and control functions for the administrative, economic and long-term financial planning of the University.

It discusses scholarships for DSU, dissertations abroad, Erasmus calls, new infrastructures, external and internal participations, competition notices, and many others.

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The School Council is an organ composed of the Principal, the Directors of the Departments connected in the School, the Coordinators of the Courses of Study and an elected representative of the students. Here are discussed topics of wide interest that concern all Courses of Study and the Departments: guidelines on teaching and research, innovative teaching, examination methods, extracurricular projects and much more.

The representatives of the School are in constant contact with the CCS, coming to their aid in case of problems of difficult management, common to several courses of study or regarding long-term improvements on teaching.


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The Unified Guarantee Committee promotes the equal opportunities of every person in work and study, through measures aimed at preventing and combating all forms of discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, religion, personal and political beliefs, disability conditions, age.

The University Sports Committee promotes and encourages the sporting activities of the entire university community and supervises the management of the available facilities and the development programmes of the various activities.

The University Assessment Commission of the Politecnico di Milano has the task of carrying out an evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities carried out by the University, verifying with appropriate methods the correct use of public resources, the productivity of research and teaching, and the impartiality and smooth running of administrative action.

Unified Guarantee Committee

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Sports Committee

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Assessment Commission

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The CCS is the body that deals with the definition of the programs of all the subjects of the degree course, the modalities of use of teaching, the analysis of the effectiveness of the lessons, the possibility of establishing new paths of study, the organisation of the study plan, the distribution of Cfus and the examination structure.
The students bring their experience on the problems encountered and their opinion on future changes.

Alessandro Di Giovine