Giuriati Sports Centre – POLIMI SPORT

The Mario Giuriati sports center is located within the Leonardo campus of the Politecnico di Milano and since 2008 it has been the reference sports center for all the students of our University.

The idea behind POLIMI SPORT is to pursue "sport for all" and from the beginning our University has shown itself inclined to invest in sport through numerous activities, until October 2019, when work began on the realization of a truly ambitious project: the new Giuriati center.

The project involves the redevelopment of the structures already present: including the renovation of the athletics track, the renewal of the rugby and football field at 11 that will be in natural grass, the renovation of the internal spaces of the building, the stands (with a capacity of 1000 seats) and the changing rooms.

Also included is the construction of new infrastructure. In fact, construction sites have already begun for the construction of a fitness center, with additional changing rooms, and a sports hall for basketball and volleyball. In addition to these new structures, an additional 5-a-side football field, two paddle courts, a basketball playground and an area dedicated to calisthenics and body-free exercises are planned. A LED lighting system will also be installed that will allow you to use the entire center even in the evening, containing the costs of lighting.

The new Giuriati center will not only be a point of reference for Milanese citizens, but will become the sporting soul of the Politecnico community, a place of integration and sharing. Sport trains you to sacrifice, to fatigue, it teaches you to accept challenges and to overcome defeats.

Having a modern and avant-garde sports facility will allow every student who gravitates around the Leonardo campus (we hope to be able to announce the same for the Bovisa campus soon) to reap those very important benefits for university life, including sport in its own right in its academic daily life, putting into practice that principle of #beyondlessons to which we care so much and that we try to bring daily to the representative bodies.

Stay tuned!