Report October/November 2017

Hi guys. We would like to update you about the meetings of the Didactic Council, the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors held in October and November.

Student Council 4 October 2017

The key item on the agenda was the election of the Student Defender,Prof. Gerardus Janszen. Finally, the presentation of a new app of the Polytechnic was proposed. In fact, some new features have been proposed. The idea is the composition of a development project that directly involves students who are interested in actively participating in development.

Consulta della Didattica 17 October 2017

The topic of innovative teaching was dealt with in depth at the meeting of the Consulta della Didattica on 17 October. Here are the impressions of the various schools:


a platform with external partners has been activated for the three-year courses. For the master's degrees, on the other hand, courses will be established on public speaking and in general on soft skills.
Step 2: Designer passport with stamps to graduate and a collaboration with the Mozilla Foundation.


Credits will be replaced with elective courses with workshops, both curricular and extracurricular.
Phase 2 also open for students from other schools. For the three-year courses we would like to work on soft skills in relation to the final exam.


For all LT and LM degrees, courses and workshops will be set up accompanied by flipped classrooms and collaborations with companies in the sector.


there is a preference for 5CFU courses: ethics for innovation, law, sustainability, team building and leadership, macro-political economy.

On the other hand, due to the new academic calendar, the question of the fifth appeal for undergraduates remained pending. In addition, the objectives of the A.A. 2017/2018:

  • Oversee innovative teaching initiatives
  • Start AVA accreditation
  • Analysis of new ideas of master's degrees
  • Start a policy analysis for TOL, teaching task and timetables
  • Study a teacher training program
  • Predict the feasibility of installing innovative classrooms
  • Enhancing outgoing student mobility

The problem of non-optimiseduse of space has also arisen. The teaching schedule is sometimes disconnected from the weight of teaching, with an overabundance of hours.
In addition, laboratory activities have been discouraged, of a smaller number than expected.

Academic Senate 20 October 2017

The October meeting opened with the Rector's report on the authorization for the estimation and subsequent sale of the Mancinelli Campus and the B7 building, which will be replaced by the building located in Via Durando 10.

At the same time as the reduction of these spaces, a reorganization of teachingis necessary.

The three-year development plan of the territorial poles was presented, which describes the current situation and the next developments.

For the approved mobility calls there are some news: everyone will have the opportunity to give 5 preferences for the double degree and 10 for the Erasmus. In addition, the rankings of previous years will be published in order to make a comparison with the historian.

It was obtained the postponement of the dates of the three-year degrees of February to the end of the session, proposed by us representatives, this was requested to:

  • to make all the dates of the exams valid so as to maintain the constraints decided during the approval of the calendar.
  • in order to avoid the situation in which a student remains without anything to do by completing the exams on the second appeal but not being able to graduate.
  • to allow undergraduates with supernumerary exams to take them even at the second appeal (otherwise the freshman and career would lapse).

Board of Directors' Meeting 31 October 2017

The final version of the call for international mobility has been approved, combining Erasmus and Double Degree. From next year, the economic aspect will also be implemented.

In addition, the renewal of the catering services dealt with in the report of the Board of Directors of 28 November 2017 was discussed.

Academic Senate 20 November 2017

The meeting opened with a communication from the Rector who reported on the agreement signed in China a few days earlier, between the Italian and Chinese ministers of education, in which he participated.

There was also talk of the probable closure of the Como pole. The reasons for this choice have not been explained. This will probably be decided at the next sitting.

Board of Directors' Meeting 28 November 2017

From January 2018 the new catering services will be active on the Milan campuses of the polytechnic. The company SERIST SRL has been awarded the contract for the supply of catering services. From January 2018, the catering services at the Leonardo campus will be the subject of novelties,such as the extension of opening hours, the preparation of food on site and a greater number of choices for second courses.

In particular,burgers, hot dogs, kebabs but also rice, barley and spelt salads will also be served. There will be an offer of first and second courses varied pizza with fresh dough and spread on site. All with ceramic plates, glass glasses and metal cutlery. The equipped outdoor areas will be present in Via Golgi, Giuriati, La Masa.

The opening hours (slightly varied between the different structures) will be 11:30-15 for catering and 7:30-18:30 for the bar.

The new prices include breakfast with coffee at €0.55, cappuccino at €0.90 and stuffed brioche at €0.80.

For lunch a complete menu with €5.45, first menu €3.75, hot first course €2.50, water €0.40, juice €1.25, fresh juice €2.05, fresh fruit salad €2.05 and cake €1.25.

There will be attention to the ingredients:coming from operators of social agriculture, organic, coming from short supply chain systems, typical and traditional (local) products.

In addition, there will be discounts for users in case of purchase of "loyalty cards" that pre-sell a free of charge for every ten cappuccinos, breakfasts, paid lunches.

Another hot topic, DSU:the university is committed to guaranteeing the assignment to all those eligible for this academic year and the next two, with an amount budgeted of 5.8 million euros per year. In a historical period like this, with a sudden increase in the number of eligible in recent years (29% only in the last academic year), the Polytechnic is committed, out of its own pocket, to guarantee the necessary economic means to all students who need it. A good sign that puts confidence in the students.

Finally, the insurance policy will be active in case of theft inside the university from January 2018. The €13 starting fee will be charged on the first installment of the annual fees. For this academic year will be on the next second installment. The terms and conditions will be explained at the end of the month with the final closure of the contract with the contracting company.

We hope our update will be useful, do not hesitate to contact us for clarifications or opinions.