Fees and graduation appeal: How does it work?

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Many of you have written to us asking about the amount of the second instalment generated at the same time as enrolment for your degree. 

Enrolment for the academic year has a cost, and to accommodate the student, two instalments are issued:

  • The first instalment consisting of:
    • Stamp duty €16
    • Regional tax for the right to study €140
    • Insurance
      • Against accidents €3.94
      • Against theft €5.65 o The advance payment of the so-called “all-inclusive contribution” to cover teaching, scientific and administrative services. 
  • The second instalment corresponding to the balance of the “all-inclusive contribution”, if any, is calculated on the basis of:
    • CFU required i.e. sum of actual, stand-alone and supernumerary CFU (NOTE: CFU from second semester exams required the previous year do not count if you pass the exam in the last session of the previous year)
    • For ISEE (ISEE > € 30000) a band is attributed. For Stability Law (ISEE <= € 30000) a total or partial exemption is granted. 
    • Additional exemptions (merit, double degree, worker, etc.).

The first instalment is paid at the time of registration or in August/September and the second instalment in May.

However, if you close your career (graduation, renunciation, suspension) before the second instalment is due, the system calculates the amount due and proposes it at the time of exit (in the case you reported to us when you registered for your degree).


  1. I am graduating now but I haven’t been able to enter my ISEE in time or I haven’t entered it, what happens?
    The ISEE of the previous year is taken into account (in this case ISEE 2021). We have been told that the system could not calculate correctly for some students-> write to the secretariat if you are not in the maximum bracket.
  2. I will continue with the Master’s degree by enrolling in March 2022, will I have to pay the full second instalment as in other years in May?
    No, you must submit your ISEE_2022 within the deadline and on the basis of your CFU and ISEE_2022 you will have a second instalment calculated on these elements.
  3. Do I have to pay insurance, road tax and regional tax twice?
    Yes, because a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree are separate.
  4. Is the graduation fee deducted from the second instalment?
    No, it is used for the revenue stamps (one on the application form for the degree roll and one on the parchment) and for the cost of the parchment.
  5. Is there a site where all these things are said?

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