29 March - 02 April

at the opening of registration

Initiative realised with the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano

All this for only €190


Transport will be by bus and departure is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday 29 March.
Each participant may place a backpack, a suitcase (max. 50 x 30 x 80 cm) and any ski or snowboard equipment in the luggage compartment.
It is recommended to have personal belongings and documents with you on the bus.


You will stay at the Residence IL Vigo in Marilleva 1400 (TN).
The rooms are studios with a number of beds varying from 3 to 5 depending on the availability of the residence and are equipped with TV, living area, private bathroom (bath or shower), heating and kitchenette equipped with pots and pans and dishes.
The residence also has a relaxation area and ski room where you can store your equipment.


Medical insurance is included, including travel assistance, 24-hour medical assistance and reimbursement of medical expenses. Also included is equipment rental reimbursement in the event of theft.


This year, the ski pass included is for the Campiglio-Dolomiti di Brenta ski area, which includes more than 100 slopes, 60 lifts and 4 snowparks.
Starting from Marilleva 1400 you can also reach Folgarida, Passo Grostè and Pinzolo.



The answers to (almost) all your doubts


Only and exclusively male and female students regularly enrolled at the Politecnico di Milano may participate in the Svolta Break event, as per the requirements of the Call for Cultural and Social Student Activities (i.e. they are in possession of an active matriculation and have participated in less than 10 trips with that matriculation).

You can book your holiday directly from the svoltastudenti.it website store by filling in the booking form in all its fields and paying a deposit of €20 via PayPal. You will then be contacted by the staff within a week for final confirmation, which will take place through payment of the balance (€150). The on-site costs (€20) will be paid once you are on site.

Travel documents (Bus Convocation, Travel Programme, Useful Info) will be sent 7 days before departure to each individual participant by e-mail

An identity card is sufficient. Each individual participant will have his or her own convocation bus

The entry on the waiting list is individual and nominal, therefore each member of the group must register for the waiting list

When you sign up, you will be contacted to express your room preference if your friends have previously signed up, otherwise you will be assigned one that is not full.  


During the registration phase it will be possible to make group bookings. If you are 4 or 5 friends you will be able to take an exclusive flat. If you are alone or 2 or 3, you will be matched with other participants. The organisers will make every effort to keep you in a group in this eventuality.

No, the whole group will stay at the Il Vigo residence in Marilleva 1400.

The flats are studios and one-bedroom flats with 4 and 5 beds (often with bunk beds) and are equipped with TV, living area, private bathroom (bathtub or shower), heating, and a kitchenette equipped with pots and pans and dishes needed for cooking.

Incoming and outgoing cleaning services are included. Cleaning of the kitchenette, on the other hand, will not be included and will be the responsibility of the guest. These are practices that are generally typical of a stay in a residence.

Each room has a kitchen, the residence has an in-house catering service and is only a few steps away from Chalet 1400. 


The amount of the deposit is 20 € per person and will be paid by PayPal from the website svoltastudenti.it. The balance of 150 € will be paid by bank transfer: reason for payment and IBAN will be communicated by the staff in the confirmation email (see previous FAQ) to each individual participant.
Once on site, the final fee of € 20 will be paid. Any optional extras chosen at the time of booking will be paid on arrival.

The General Terms and Conditions for the sale of Package Tours apply to the Svolta Break event trip. The consumer who withdraws from the contract before departure, except for the cases listed in the first paragraph of Article 10 and regardless of the payment of the deposit provided for in Article 7 paragraph 1 and except where otherwise specified later and/or when confirming the services, will be charged as a penalty:

The insurance coverage premium which varies according to the cost of the trip.Possible practice management costs (€ 25 per person on all viaggiuniversitari.it packages already included in the participation fee)

The following percentages on the travel fee

Up to 30 days before departure: 25 % of the participation fee.
From 29 to 20 days before departure: 35 % of the participation fee
19 to 14 days before departure: 50 % of the participation fee
13 to 5 days before departure: 75 % of the participation fee
After this deadline: 100 % of the participation fee
In addition to penalties related to airfare (special fares, instant purchase, Iow cost and scheduled flights).

Please note that:

Reference is always to “calendar” days.
In any case, no refund is due to the consumer who decides to interrupt the trip or stay at his or her unilateral will.
For any particular information on this matter, please contact the Staff.

Yes, € 25.00 will be collected at the residence at check-in for each participant as a security deposit. The fee will be returned at the end of the stay once the integrity of the assigned accommodation has been verified.


The medical baggage insurance includes travel assistance, 24-hour medical assistance and reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical, hospital and surgical expenses (up to € 500 Italy, € 3,000 Europe). Also included are reimbursement of equipment rental in the event of theft; third-party liability and related coverage for unintentional damage caused to third parties while skiing up to € 50,000; transfer assistance for the vehicle used during the trip in the event of a breakdown; sending a driver in the event of an accident in the snow for the insured party’s return home.

Travel documents (Bus Convocation, Travel Programme, Useful Info) will be sent 7 days before departure to each individual participant by e-mail.

An identity card is sufficient. Each individual participant will have his or her own convocation bus.

Departure is from Lambrate Station (square behind the station – Via Predil). The official timetable and bus will be communicated with the travel documents sent 7 days before departure (see previous faq)