18 Mar
18 Mar

Mines of Dossena

Have you ever visited a real mine?
With Svoltastudenti you can visit Europe’s only Speleological Park. A safely equipped route, to be experienced in a playful and cultural way. Explore the ancient galleries of the Dossena mines via cableways, bridges, suspended passages over natural caves, artificial chimneys and much more.


Please note: due to the reduced viability of the road leading to the mines, the bus will arrive one km away from the mines, the final part will have to be done on foot.





– departure from Milan h. 8.00 am
– arrival at Dossena mines h. 10:45 am
– departure from Dossena h. 16:00
– arrival in Milan h. 18:15

Initiative realized with the contribution of Politecnico di Milano.

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