21 May
21 May

Escape from Poli – Squid Game edition

Following the very famous TV series, Svoltastudenti proposes its own revisited and fast-paced Squid Game version. The challeneges the players are going to face are not so easy as you would expect; only one will succeed and win the game though.

Are you and your friends ready to be the protagonists of the Escape from Poli: Squid Game Edition?
Activities will begin at 15:30 with a brief recap. At the end of the set time (an hour), the winning team will be awarded. Maximum punctuality is recommended in order not to cause any trouble.


  • 15.30 Inizio raccolta partecipanti e meeting group con lo staff per introduzione al gioco e spiegazione delle regole
  • 16.30 Inizio della partita per le 10 squadre
  • 18.00 fine della partita con proclamazione del vincitore.

Initiative realized with the contribution of Politecnico di Milano.

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