06 Dec
06 Dec

Aero Gravity

Have you ever tried to fly?

With Svoltastudenti you can!

Aero Gravity is the only vertical wind tunnel in Italy that allows you to experience the sensation of flight safely. The experience takes place in an 8-meter-high crystal cylinder. Aero Gravity is an indoor skydiving facility often chosen by companies to give their employees/customers an absolute value multi-sensory experience, promoting the team building process. For this very reason, we would like to offer Polytechnic students an activity capable of getting them out of their comfort zone, new and interesting at the same time.

The activity is planned for 42 participants, the meeting place will be at the facility, and we will divide the students into three groups. The students will be equipped with all the equipment provided by Aero Gravity and will be able to enjoy the day among breathtaking flights.




-14.30 arrival at the facility and registration
-15.00 introductory briefing
-15.30 flight class 1
-16.00 flight class 2
-16.30 flight class 3
-17.00 end of event

Initiative realized with the contribution of Politecnico di Milano.

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