June-July session: what is happening and how we are moving

Update of 21 May 2021 Today we have publicly expressed our disagreement with the current decision of the rectorate on the examination procedures of the June and July session. We have publicly asked that the possibility of taking distance exams be guaranteed for all students who for logistical-organizational and / or health reasons were not […]

#DETTOFATTO: 2 years as students

Campus Life Student representation has proactively influenced the political and administrative choices of the university: Svoltastudenti has committed itself to increasing the livability of the campus, increasing the well-being of students, expanding opportunities and increasing participation. In this two-year period thanks to the Student Representation: We have included theStudent Associations in the strategic objectives of […]

Building 4 and the times of Italian construction

Work has started to complete the restoration and recovery of building 4, currently not occupied for years and in dilapidated conditions.  đź“… The process for the works began in 2006 and a first lot (east and north) was built between the years 2013 and 2015, allocating it to offices, warehouses and laboratories of the road […]

Refreshment areas, theses abroad and more

Extension of the academic year The request expressed by our representatives in CNSU for the extension of the academic year from 31 March to 15 June was accepted, through confidence in the Senate to the Milleproroghe decree. This is currently excellent news for all undergraduates. The extension, in the specific ways for our university, will […]

'Green-tech and smart infrastructures': innovation at Polimi?

The Polytechnic has embarked, again, on the path of innovation. This time he decided to engage in the project "Green Technologies and Smart Infrastructures".  But what does it consist of? The MUR has decided to include in the three-year programming some indicators that measure the initiatives carried out in the direction of the creation of […]


Here we tell you which are the main bodies in which student representation has a role and their characteristics!

Padel and calisthenics at Polimi"

On May 4, with the start of phase 2, the works of the Giuriati sports center also resumed at full capacity, which had suffered a slowdown of about two months due to the Covid-19 emergency

HOW TO CNSU? – Guide to Roman stays"

But now, more than a year later: how does the CNSU work? What has been done during this period?

The CNSU is an advisory body of the Ministry of University and Research, therefore in close contact with the Ministry (where it meets, in the Trastevere district of Rome) and with political circles.

Didactics of the Future: where are we?

The last two semesters have seen numerous changes in the teaching of the Politecnico di Milano. **The constraints due to the COVID situation have made online recordings and lectures part of our daily lives**, as well as numerous teachers have been forced to experiment with new forms of student involvement in such a different scenario.