ALIAS careers: what they are and how to protect the project

The development of the covid-19 pandemic has highlighted some latent problems of the organization in our University: incoming ID checks have become increasingly frequent at certain times and the lack of a photo ID on the ID has proven to be a major disadvantage, especially for those who are embarking on a path of gender transition.
It is in fact several years that, through the Single Committee of Guarantee (CUG), we have been carrying out the revision of the protocol “Alias Careers”, created to provide all students with guarantees of respect, dignity and privacy. This is a bureaucratic profile valid only within the university, which allows the student in question to replace his or her personal name with a name consistent with that of the gender in which he or she identifies. This project was born to make up for the slowness of the official registry change by the Italian state, since these procedures are on average very slow and complicated.
However, the lack of a photo on the ID card forces all students to present in parallel also their own identity card: this can cause situations of discomfort when the name and identity on the ID card differ from the identity certified within the University.

In order to solve this problem, the CUG is pursuing the proposal that provides for the addition of a photo ID on the university ID card.

We interviewed Filiberto Canino, a representative of the CUG, to explain the specifics of the proposal:

How would it be possible to replace 47k badges?

The proposal we are putting forward as the Single Guarantee Committee does not envisage replacing the IDs of all students at the Polytechnic, this operation would be very costly and difficult to put into practice.
Therefore, we are asking that only the badges belonging to students who have signed up to the “Alias Careers” protocol be replaced. However, the change would be effective for the IDs of all students starting from the first printing after the approval of the proposal, so every future student will receive the PoliCard with the photo.

Could the fact that the PoliMi ID is also a credit card be a problem?

Other universities adopt our same type of card, issued by the same bank, and include the photo in the lower right corner of the back of the card.
In the past, the Politecnico di Milano also provided cards with a photo, which at the time was attached during matriculation in passport photo format and sent by mail…. It is not clear to us when the decision was made to no longer print the photo on the ID card, but we suppose that this change occurred, precisely, when the ID cards also became payment cards.
Undoubtedly managing the flow of paper photos would have been complicated, but since every student is now required to upload their own photo ID to Online Services, we believe it is easier to implement this proposal.

Will students be able to use the card for recognition outside the university?

No, the PoliCard is an internal document of the Polytechnic and cannot be admitted as an identification document outside the university competence.

An Aliased Careers student, to date, what name does he/she find on his/her ID?

The “Alias Careers” protocol currently in effect does not mention badges, so students who adhere to the protocol have the same badge as everyone else, with their biographical name (and not their chosen name) printed on it

On Friday, November 12, 2021, the Student Council unanimously voted in favor of this proposal, in the hope that unanimous student support will speed up the process.
We now await updates on the feasibility study from the relevant office.
Stay tuned!

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