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Fund for Impact


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"Cultivating your job and career ambitions even if you do not have adequate economic means is a challenge that concerns many students."

This is how Il Sole 24 Ore introduces Impact,a loan of honor for deserving students that differs from the classic funds because it thinks about the future of the new generations, making available 250 million euros to those who, in general, are identified as "first excluded" from bank credit.

This credit does not need any type of guarantee and can be combined with DSU and other scholarships and / or tax breaks, it was introduced for the first time in 2001, but now it has been remodulated and extended to all university students in Italy.

The criteria for taking advantage of the bank credit are 20 credits already acquired or 80% of the number of exams, rounded up to a lower unit. The request can be made by any enrolled in the university and in any year.
For those who study at the master's degree, it will be sufficient to present only the certificate of enrollment.

To maintain the credit line it is necessary to accrue 20 credits every semester. It allows time in addition to studies and a suspension of service of 6 months. If you do not reach the CFU criteria but recover in the next 3 semesters you can still ask for the credits, otherwise the service stops.
In the case of annual courses, on the other hand, the intermediate semester is expected to go well and the verification of the merit criteria will take place at the end with a minimum of 40CFU.

The availability of the credit line will be € 1500 if you reside in the same province where you study, € 2500 for off-site students, while for second-level master costs or experience abroad the availability will be without platfond.
The credit line will be increased every six months and is included in a free account, available to the student, who can use it as their own account.

At the end of the credit line there will be two years of bridge, then the bank will contact the customer to agree on an amortization plan that can reach up to 30 years.
The credit line boasts a very low rate, of 2%, with the sole purpose of covering bank management costs and where the interest on the loan is all paid into the fund in order to increase effectiveness with a virtuous banking mechanism.

The repayment phase, on the other hand, will make use of two distinct rates: one for the first years up to the two of pause and one for the years that will be used to pay off the debt. You can suspend the return three times in case of difficulty.
It can also be seen as a useful tool for families to make children learn to manage a budget.

Why does Intesa Sanpaolo want to make itself so available and open for young people? Unfortunately in Italy there is a low number of university students; it takes an average of 7.5 years to graduate. The costs are high, even more so for off-site and the enrollment rates are low since high school.

"The first initiative of our Impact Fund is aimed at university education because we consider education a key factor for the economic and social growth of the country"

We bring you the link to the article of Il Sole 24 Ore and we inform you that soon a small event will probably be organized in the University to better present this initiative, which started on Monday 25 February.

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Priscilla Morbin

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