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Another day at the Poli. Lesson at 9:00, bad but could have been worse. A whole day between the benches. In the end I was very tired and I wanted to vent. I brought the gym bag this morning, left it in the locker. I take it and run away to the PoliMi Sport Sports Center. It is very convenient, it is very close to the university. I show the card, I enter, I change quickly and off to train. Lots of choices, basketball, tennis, volleyball and squash. There is also a gym that costs very little and climbing walls. Ah, and then an athletics track of our own. It's all run by the university and I find myself with many classmates, but also other students I've never met before. It's a nice service, I didn't expect it, it makes me experience this place much lighter. While I was running I was already dreaming of the hot shower in the dressing room and the after-dinner TV series. There should be wraps in the fridge. Perfect, this day is gone too.

Many of us would like to tell our day in this way. The current situation, unfortunately, does not allow this and we still cannot say that sports-for-all services are the desirable ones.

The current state

Be careful, however, in the last 5 years the situation has slowly changed: let's now take stock of the situation.

Back in 2014, Politecnico di Milano became the first Italian public university to have established scholarships that reward high and very high level sports students. In parallel, the official website of the University's sport was established. We are relatively young in this respect. If you want to know more about what changed in those years we invite you to read these two of our old articles of 2014 and 2015:

In the Academic Year 2015/16 we saw the birth of the Polimi Championships, football, basketball and volleyball tournaments in which ordinary students participate, moved by the desire to find that competition often lost due to the upheaval of their lives after the beginning of university. Today we are at the eighth edition and many are enthusiastic about the initiative, enriched with events and a social department not bad. A speech, this, which also applies to the Tournaments of the Residences, another good idea.

It does not end here, on May 19, 2019 there will be the fourth edition of the PoliMi Run, the race that is a candidate to be one of the most famous marathons in Milan! Difficult to compete with the historical ones, but four years we have gone from 5 thousand to 15 thousand participants, with also a winter engraving of cross-country running. This initiative has borne considerable fruit: from increasing the number of scholarships for sporting merits, to organizing training in view of the race, to attracting investments and sponsorships and creating a festive atmosphere around an institution that makes technique its means and its end. What poliMi Run did at the Polytechnic was to (re)bring people to do daily sports, for themselves.

There are also experimental projects, including necstLab, which include sports activities such as NECSTLab CrossFit and Balance Training.

However, we note at a general level that PoliMi Sport is a reality still too far from the idea that the student has of our university. There is no specific Area, but there is a small office. The Campo Giuriati, a facility given in complete management to the Politecnico di Milano (did you know?), is still not the home of sport that every student would like. Not to mention the Bovisa Campus, where sports facilities are very limited.

And the official teams? The lack of adequate structures and attractive university tournaments made us abandon this path a few years ago with the idea of postponing this theme to more mature times. Maybe we are there, it will be clearer in the course of the article.

The prospects for the near future

The author of these lines testifies to you the following: something is moving with more and more energy. It is evident today looking at the PoliMi Championships, the PoliMi Run, the scholarships for sporting merits and the new running training at the Campo Giuriati. And the facilities? We have increasingly equipped Playgrounds and a closer look at the sworn field can see a principle of restyling with two blue flags with the inscription "PoliMi Sport" at the entrance, branded information totems and a newly renovated internal office.

But it is above all the will of the University that bodes well. Rector Ferruccio Resta has never hidden his desire to include this issue among the strategic assets of his mandate. We have a delegate for sports activities, Prof. Francesco Calvetti, who is in love with his role and does everything in an attempt to create a reality that still struggles to impose itself. The administrative offices, on the other hand, have extremely motivated employees and managers with a very broad vision, first of all Dr. Federico Colombo and Dr. Ivan Ciceri.

Are they just words? We have pointed out some signs but there is a surprise at stake. Some of you will surely have noticed an area adjacent to the Giuriati with a blocked construction site. We show it in the image below, highlighted below on a satellite photo.

The strengthening of the Jury area

In the areas that we have indicated, an enhancement of the sports facilities of our University will be carried out.

The project, co-financed largely by miur, dates back to a few years ago but now finally finds space. On 29 January 2019, the Board of Directors approved the executive project and the related updated economic framework. Work will begin by the end of February so that the building can be disposed of by the summer.

In particular, it is planned to build a building of a basement and two above ground as well as an indoor basketball and volleyball court, suitable for the game of category C silver. The basement of the building will be used as changing rooms while the two floors above ground will be used for fitness areas and support and storage services. The project also includes interventions on the outdoor area, aimed at integrating the building with respect to the sports functions present in the area. Space therefore also to training areas with outdoor equipment.

The total cost for the realization of the intervention is € 4,132,615.78 including VAT, furnishings, maintenance and sums available, of which € 3,141,996.73 will be covered by the MIUR.

This is a measure aimed at creating a sports center and a service center suitable and usable by the polytechnic community. Sport-for-all, therefore, takes concrete shape in our University.

What we forgot

You have surely noticed that in the previous lines we have never mentioned the Bovisa campus. This area unfortunately at the moment does not have sites suitable for the construction of sports facilities and does not benefit from existing facilities, as happened in the case of the Leonardo area with the Giuriati field.

However, the vision on the subject is clear and therefore it is not surprising that there are already ideas at stake. Specifically, there is the intention to create an efficient sports center and green spaces in the Goccia area, a space near the Department of Management Engineering, between the "Boschetto" and the former gasometer area.

If you want more information on the revaluation projects of the Bovisa area we point out these two articles of the Urbanlife blog.

And you want to play?

As we have shown, the direction taken by the Polytechnic looks at a university sports system that is extremely integrated into the daily life of the student. This is an absolutely necessary measure to facilitate boys and girls who want to play sports through facilities at subsidized prices and in strategic positions, populated by people from their own world and that make polytechnic life more pleasant, more productive and healthier. This is not only an investment in structures and infrastructure, but also and above all in people, the most fruitful investment that an institution can decide to make.

As representatives of the students of Svoltastudenti we see many requests that had accompanied our birth 10 years ago and we are ready to continue in this direction.

And what do you want to play? What would you like to find in the sports centers of the Politecnico di Milano?

Or, if you would like to be part of an official team of the Polytechnic, which does not currently exist, fill out this form telling us what you would like to do. The more your requests, the higher the chances that the team you want will be created!

Don't be shy, every idea can be the right one.

Do you want to participate in the next Polimi championships but you don't have a team? Fill out this form and we will find you your companions!

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