The impossible way to architecture

Difficulties in the transition from the three-year degree in Interior Design to the Master's Degree of the Faculty of Civil Architecture. The other years did not happen. Why this year yes?


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Numerous students from the three-year degree of the Faculty of Interior Design are experiencing difficulties in the transition to the Master's Degree of the Faculty of Civil Architecture,something that did not happen in previous years.

This year the difficulty is dictated by various facts, first of which the creation of the new School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering,which sees the union of the schools of Civil Architecture with the other schools of Architecture present in the University. The regulations of this new School are still being studied and are therefore not yet defined in all their parts.

We want to bring to the attention of the students of Interior Design who have therefore received a refusal to the request forpassage to the master's degree course in Architecture the reasons why this happened.

Degrees in architecture have European recognition which is awarded on the basis of a series of exams and minimum tables (in terms of CFU) that must be respected for the entire three-year + master's degree course. Until now, the School of Civil Architecture had admitted students not of the three-year degree class L17 (that of Civil Architecture) giving debts to remedy these imbalances. The professional register has never made controversy about whether such debts were sufficient or not.

Graduates in master's degree who are working abroad and who want to see their degree recognized, apply for the declaration of conformity of the title. This step is taken by the Ministry by controlling the whole career. To date, the Ministry has imposed that all schools of architecture be careful to admit students of different degree classes,even with debts, as some certificates have been found not to comply with the European directive.

Another reason that contributes to the rejection of the transfer request is the national test for admission to architecture: all graduates in architecture must have passed this test for access to the limited number.

The Faculty of Design until a few years ago had the admission test as that of Architecture and therefore this problem was bypassed. This is no longer the case!This also applies to building production, engineering and planning. Therefore, admission to the master's degree for these students is conditional on passing the national test held for new enrolments.

Moreover, with the current posters of the School of Architecture, Design would have a total of debts that borders on 70 credits,too high to be paid in a year of course (max 60 CFU). 3) with the courses currently active in the Milan Bovisa Campus (School of Civil Architecture) it is impossible to draw on 70 credits due to the exhaustion of the courses of the first two years of the three-year and the first year of the master's degree that have converged in Milan Leonardo in the new School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering.

As for the students who instead managed to obtain the passage by requesting it in September 2015,it should be noted that in September there was still the possibility of having recovery courses in the second year and the courses of the third year of three-year courses, plus the optional, but from now on as the School of Civil Architecture will no longer exist, and so the triennials; to assign debts it would be necessary to draw on the inter-school course of Architectural Design (three-year) which is not yet complete as a manifesto.

Until the event of the new School the situation will remain so,and considering the many problems that have occurred with the modification of the ministerial directives it is not possible to guarantee to students who find themselves in this situation that the transition will be in the future.

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The impossible way to architecture

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