Consulta della Didattica 12-11-2013

-Scheduling of the Educational Offer 2014-2015 -Evaluation of exams -Guidelines for the management of international student mobility -Honor Code and proposals for international agreements


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On November 12th, the didactic consultation was held in which the following items on the agenda were discussed: Calendarization of the Educational Offer 2014-2015, evaluation of the exams, guidelines for the management of international student mobility, Honor Code and proposals for international agreements.

With regard to the scheduling of the training offer, there was talk about the new courses of study and the modification of the same that must be carried out in reasonable terms in order to send the necessary documentation to the CUN.

The second point, the evaluation of the exams, refers to the question of those postponed and retried. To date, the two evaluations have determined respectively the jump of appeal and the jump of session. The students' concerns concerned the possibility that these tools could be misused by some teachers, limiting – in fact – the number of available appeals. In this regard, the Assembly expressed its willingness to investigate the matter in depth and adjounce to the next sitting.

The third point was the discussion of two parts. The first on the method of selection of architecture and design students which will provide for four types of scoring attributions: 30 pts on the weighted average on credits; 10 pt on the evaluation of the "portfolio"; 10 pt for an evaluation on the candidate's profile, motivation letter and knowledge of languages. The second on the minimum number of credits (60) that each student, who participates in an international mobility program, must obtain at the Politecnico di Milano. The choice still sees some perplexity on the part of the student representatives since it would limit the possibility of participating in an international experience.

The fourth point concerns "the Honor Code – Obligations of the student" which would introduce a vademecum on the conduct of the exams, which on the one hand would collect a series of rules and norms that currently exist but are not written, and that on the other would guarantee greater protection against students on the infringements to which they would go against in the case of violation of the same. The proposal was presented by SvoltaStudenti and opened a discussion that will lead to the drafting of a preliminary document on the same as the "obligations of the student during the exams" already in force at Bocconi University.

The last point saw the approval of some International Agreements that will be ratified by the Academic Senate.

Appointment at the next Consulta.

Vincenzo Giannico

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Consulta della Didattica 12-11-2013

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